DJ Big Kid, Selena Tan and Brendon Fernandaz tell Pink Dot why they support The Freedom To Love

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DJ Big Kid, Johnson Ong:

“Gay Singaporeans have contributed to the development and success of Singapore as much as straight Singaporeans and must have the same rights and freedoms accorded to them. This includes the freedom to love and demonstrate that love to someone of the same gender. To a gay person, this is something that is not determined by choice, but is an emotion that is as natural as breathing and eating or drinking. Therefore, I sincerely ask all Singaporeans, regardless of their sexual orientation or religious affiliations, to take a stand and reject any unjust law or policy that discriminates against otherwise perfectly law-abiding citizens. Every single Singaporean deserves a chance in his/her pursuit of happiness, and not to have such a basic human freedom taken away.”

Selena Tan:

“How wonderful it is that Singaporeans have come out in support of … Read More »

Pink Dot’s NEW Video!

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In this video, straight Singaporeans from different walks of life come together to talk about the LGBT people in their lives.

Among the known faces are celebrity blogger Xiaxue, actress Pamela Oei, actors Lim Kay Siu and Lim Yu Beng, Dave Tan and Amanda Ling from local band Electrico, as well as Pink Dot’s ambassadors Neo Swee Lin, Rosalyn Lee and Timothy Nga.

Music Track: Dreams of a Butterfly by Darren Ng

Pink Dot FAQ

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Pink Dot hears thee. She responds to questions and comments!

Q: What is this Pink Dot?!
A: Pink Dot is the name of the organizing group. It references the term, Red Dot, which is often used to describe Singapore. Pink, instead of red, because it is the colour often associated with LGBT (think: pink dollar and pink feather boas) but more importantly, it is the colour of our national identity cards and it is what you get when you mix the colours of our national flag. Yes, we are a patriotic bunch!

Q: Is this event legit or legal?
A: Yes, of course! We have registered for the event and we shall strive to conduct ourselves appropriately, as set out in National Parks’ terms and conditions. Who says we can’t behave and have fun at the same time!

Q: Is this a gay event?
A: As … Read More »

Pink Dot’s Campaign Video!

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Our first campaign video is out!!

Appearing in this video are Pink Dot’s ambassadors: Rosalyn Lee, Neo Swee Lin and Timothy Nga. Music Track: Dreams of a Butterfly by Darren Ng

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Pink Dot’s Ambassadors

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Pink Dot is proud to announce our ambassadors, radio DJ Rosalyn Lee and actors Timothy Nga and Neo Swee Lin. Read on to find out why they support The Freedom To Love.

Timothy Nga
“I have very good friends who are gay and I don’t think they, or anyone else should have to say sorry to anyone for the way they are. Sometimes, we need to stand up for what we believe in, and yet, be open and inclusive. Pink Dot does that, and that is why I’m a part of it.”

Rosalyn Lee
“Here are a few things I feel very strongly about/believe in life: reform+second chances, inspiring the youth and finally the freedom to love.

I don’t believe in equal rights all the time (eg: how much one earns) but when it comes to the basic human emotion, to love, I feel that … Read More »