Pink Dot 2012 Campaign Video Glossary

Posted on June 3rd, by Pink Dot Sg in Latest News, Pink Dot 2012. 4 comments

Someday, the campaign video for Pink Dot 2012, draws a realistic portrait of some of the realities faced by Singapore’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. These are very real issues faced by Singaporeans in their workplaces, homes, and schools everyday.

1) At the Workplace

While no official survey has been done on the situation of LGBT people at the workplace, anecdotal accounts and documented cases indicate a wide range of attitudes – from open-minded environments in industries like entertainment and media, to growing acceptance in a few government agencies and multi-national corporations (MNCs), as well as continued discrimination in some government sectors.

In 2003, the Singapore Government announced that gay people are now allowed to work in ‘certain positions in government’. Companies are also growing in acceptance with many having global diversity policies applied to Singapore. For example, last year, Google … Read More »