A Letter To Our Foreign Friends

Posted on May 22nd, by Pink Dot Sg in FAQ, Pink Dot 2011. 27 comments

Pink Dot has an important message to our friends and supporters from around the world. If you’re a foreigner planning to attend Pink Dot, please note that only Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents are allowed to participate in the formation of Pink Dot.

Pink Dot stresses that this rule is mandated by the authorities governing Hong Lim Park (Speaker’s Corner), where the event will be held, and not by the organisers of Pink Dot.

Pink Dot welcomes everybody, regardless whether you are straight or gay. However, Pink Dot also recognises the importance of playing by the rules and seeks the kind cooperation of our non-Singaporean/PR friends and supporters. You are welcome to join in the festivities! During the formation of the dot, a special area will be set aside for non-Singaporeans/PRs to watch and observe.

Pink Dot appreciates all the love coming in from around the world – it is something words cannot describe.

Let’s all celebrate the spirit of Pink Dot in spreading the message of Supporting the Freedom to Love across the world!


27 Responses to “A Letter To Our Foreign Friends”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Park rules are park rules. we need to just cover the earth in pink dots through June.

  2. shane says:

    wonder why Hong Lim Park made this rule. we better just made our own organization. this really doesnt sounds like welcoming. sorry

  3. Anonymous says:

    Crap ruling

  4. Anonymous says:

    I've been staying in Singapore for the last 8 years yet I am not a Singaporean/PR. It's a shame that this country rejects me in so many ways while I wanna call it my home.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous of May 22 12:24pm: This country also rejects all homosexual Singaporean men, with article 377A of the penal code. While Pink Dot looks all happy and fun, we must not forget that there is a lot of change to be done, both at the society's level and legislatively. In the end, Pink Dot is a form of social activism, albeit all happy looking and not angry. Pink Dot's strength so far is that it plays by all the rules in order to gain legitimacy.

  6. BenMQ says:

    The terms and conditions says that only PR/citizen allowed in any demonstration or performance or exhibition. So is the formation of pink dot classified under 'performance'?

  7. redcargorice says:

    I apologize to our foreign friends for the non-inclusiveness of our government (even thought I'm not from government).

  8. David says:

    Well Shane, pinkdot is all about positive thoughts and energy to create change in the world. But we live amidst those that seek to undermine everything that pinkdot stands for. These people will use every pretext, every excuse and every loophole to say that the support pinkdot receives is 'false' that there cannot possibly be that many supporters of LGBT love in Singapore. No one wants that to don't that to happen so let's abide by the park rules.

  9. Edwynn Yeap says:

    Look like PFLAG Malaysia will keep their hands out of Pink Dot then and will remain with our own in Malaysia.

  10. Takashi says:

    BenMQ said…
    The terms and conditions says that only PR/citizen allowed in any demonstration or performance or exhibition. So is the formation of pink dot classified under 'performance'?

    You are right.
    That formation itself is a performance.

    BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS NOT! So foreigners CAN be part of everything else, except go in and form that circle.

  11. Anonymous says:

    pinkdot.sg MABUHAY!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am in BKK and wish to be a part of pink dot sg meeting once when visiting Singapore. Sorry that I am excluded.

  13. Javier says:

    I was planning on visiting Singapore only for PinkDot event. Im not going anymore knowing that you will set foreigners aside. I understand it's the park rules, but still it's sad. We all want to fight for the same cause, let us do it together. Don't make us "watch".

  14. TrieuTran says:

    I'm living in the US and I'm thinking about going to Pink Dot this time, but after reading this information, I feel sad… I want to join with everyone, not just stand aside and watch… I hope that the organizers can do sth. to change the rules…

  15. Sharon Frese says:

    Hey! Yes! this is sad but let us not take this ruling personal. Our passive participation in the 'watch" corner is also support. Let us continue to show support for LGBT issues in Singapore, despite the hurdles,with our presence in numbers! come on – who's coming??

  16. Anonymous says:

    sad to listen that foreigner had to stand aside and watch, me n him booked our flight ticket to singapore all the way from HK, this how the pink dot organized event? really disappointed

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the explanations.
    So happy to read that we are WELCOME!!!!!!!!
    It is a shame we can not participate to the "final pink dot formation", but it is fine with me as long as we have access to the park and can be with you to celebrate love.
    Will definitely try to be there!
    See you on the 18th.
    Great work :)


  18. cn says:

    So can SPR participate in the dot formation or not? I see contradicting statement above.

  19. Pink Dot SG says:

    hi everyone, thanks for understanding.. We really wish to celebrate the event with as many people as possible, but we have to keep to the park's rules and regulations. Hope this will change as well, but until then, we have to keep to the rules..
    we hope you'll still come down and join in the fun before the formation of the pink dot! x

  20. Shane Olala says:

    I was planning to come to Singapore just to attend this event! But if i am made to stand aside and watch it then there's no point in me attending it at the first place ..sad..

  21. Anonymous says:

    It's sad, yes, but I totally understand the organizers in their effort to stick to the park rules.

    However, I wonder what are these other things that foreigners can do at Pink Dot? Would really appreciate a specific programme or list of activities. I'm planning on flying to Singapore just for Pink Dot but I haven't booked my ticket yet. Would rather make an informed decision about this. So yeah, what else is there for us to do specifically?


  22. madcat says:

    What kind of stupid rule is that?

  23. Anonymous says:

    stupid rules make me sad already, but still wonder what foreigners and foreign students( yes! don't forget about foreign students!!we also wanna participate in pink dot) can do aside! the video shows such a few information about pinkdot event. and i do really wanna know how the event will go on, how will be the event and especially what can foreigners and foreign students can participate in the event!!!we do wanna go for participation, but we don't wanna stand with weird situation through out the whole event!!! plz provide more and more and more information plzzzzz!!!

  24. expatbostonians.com says:

    We'll be standing on the sidelines, cheering, with our daughter.

  25. thomask says:

    all the foreigners could stand in an "arc" formation, away from and outside the 'dot' formation- indicating that the rest of the world welcomes the singaporean LGBT community, despite the non-acceptance and paranoia of the singaporean government.

    ( o

  26. J-dot says:

    I'm from Australia and technically not a Singaporean citizen but I was visiting SG last year so went along to PinkDot. I'm so glad I did even though I couldn't "participate".

    This event was so amazing and inspiring. I really enjoyed the music and dancing at the start, and enjoyed meeting new people. If I could, I would fly all the way back to SG just to be part of it again.

    To any other non-Singaporeans who want to support this, I would recommend going anyway. Standing in the dot is just one small part of the day, and actually there were many "foreigners" attending and watching anyway, so it wasn't strange at all.

  27. chandra says:

    This is example of the excellency and perfection
    Friendship letter to best friend

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