Additional Corporate Contributors to Enliven Pink Dot 2014

Global energy company BP and financial services company Goldman Sachs join the ranks of international corporate heavyweights to champion the Freedom to Love in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 14 May 2014 – Pink Dot Sg today celebrates the addition of two more contributors to the movement’s list of corporate supporters that have come out to champion the Freedom to Love. One of the world’s leading energy companies, BP, and multinational investment banking firm, Goldman Sachs, join the ranks of existing Pink Dot Corporate Contributors including Pioneer Contributor and search engine colossus Google, banks Barclays and J P Morgan, Global contact lens manufacturer Cooper Vision, award-winning hotel PARKROYAL on Pickering and audio branding agency The Gunnery.

“We are greatly humbled and grateful for the increasing support from Singapore’s corporate sector,” said Paerin Choa, spokesperson for Pink Dot Sg. “Our Corporate Contributors have shown great initiative and leadership in fostering greater understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion at the workplace. This is also a strong reflection of the ongoing positive change in attitudes and perceptions in the corporate world towards LGBT Singaporeans, which, it is hoped, will give rise to more companies and organisations recognising the value of talent, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The first energy company to come aboard as a Corporate Contributor for Pink Dot, London-based BP, is known worldwide as a trailblazer in the energy sector for non-discriminatory corporate policies covering gender identity and sexual orientation. BP ardently supports internal efforts and activities fronted by its BP Pride grouping for LGBT employees. According to the company, “diversity and inclusion are strategic priorities for BP and are embedded in all parts of the business, including externally through partnerships such as Pink Dot.”

In the same vein, Pink Dot’s second new Corporate Contributor for 2014, multinational investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, has been widely recognized as one of the most inclusive employers globally. Fortune Magazine has named Goldman Sachs one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” since it began publishing the list 17 years ago. The magazine also included Goldman Sachs on its “World’s Most Admired Companies” list the seventh time this year.

Goldman Sachs has been a participant in Pink Dot Sg since 2012.

In addition to BP and Goldman Sachs, past Corporate Contributors including Google, Barclays, J. P. Morgan, CooperVision, the ParkRoyal and The Gunnery have all renewed their support for the Freedom to Love.

“Diversity at the workplace is an essential component of the culture at Google. Possessing the best talent is just one facet of being a great company, and Google firmly believes that encouraging diversity can lead to brilliant and inspiring ideas that will bring us all long-term benefits,” said Keerthana Mohan, APAC Diversity and Inclusion Manager for Google, Pink Dot’s Pioneer Contributor since 2010. “With the world becoming more interconnected, we recognise this sheer diversity around us by supporting a worthy cause like Pink Dot’s.”

Corporate Contributor for the third year running, Barclays understands the important role LGBT Diversity & Inclusion plays as a key driver of success for the bank’s clients and colleagues.

Simon Croxford, Asia Co-chair of Spectrum, Barclays’ LGBT employee network, said:  “Barclays is committed to a culture of meritocracy, where people are judged on professional performance rather than their personal lives, and where people from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, culture, age, disability or sexual orientation can fulfill their potential. In every country in which Barclays operates, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace for all. Our support for Pink Dot is important to this effort.”

This is echoed by leading financial services firm J. P Morgan. “Having an inclusive and diverse culture within J.P. Morgan is important to us as a firm” said Paul Echart, a senior sponsor of PRIDE, the firm’s LGBT business resource group and Chief Operating Officer of Commercial Banking in Asia Pacific. “We understand the power and strength of having a diverse workforce and the positive impact this has on our businesses” he said.

For global contact lens manufacturer CooperVision, embracing each individual’s uniqueness is key to building meaningful relationships, both with customers and the community at large. Said Ng Wai Kim, General Manager of CooperVision Singapore, Malaysia & Asia Distributor Market: “Partnership is one of our core values at CooperVision. We believe in forging relationships that are based on honesty, candour, trust and respect. By being Partners, we want to inspire an inclusive environment that truly reflects our corporate ethos, ‘Live Brightly’. We are proud to be a part of Pink Dot for the second year running, and long may this partnership continue.”

Award-winning hotel PARKROYAL on Pickering likewise recognises the importance of embracing inclusion and diversity. “Celebrating diversity – in cultures, opinions, experiences and skills – is an integral part of our DNA. Through our support of Pink Dot, we hope to share this spirit of inclusiveness with our guests as we commemorate this partnership for the second year running,” said Lee Kin Seng, PARKROYAL on Pickering’s Director of Marketing Communications.

For audio branding agency, The Gunnery, inclusivity and diversity are key ingredients to creating the perfect sound. According to Executive Producer, Azmi Jaffar, “Music is the sum total of a diversity of sounds coming together in harmony. Like music, the best societies are those that celebrate differences, treating them equally and respectfully – and with love. We are pleased to support the Freedom to Love, helping to broadcast Pink Dot’s message to Singaporeans far and wide, once again.”


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About Pink Dot Sg
Pink Dot Sg is a non-profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. Why Pink? Because it is a blend of red and white – the colour of Singapore’s flag. It is also the colour of our national identification cards. More importantly, Pink Dot Sg stands for a Singapore in which all Singaporeans, regardless of their sexual orientation, are free to love and be loved. 2,500 people supported this cause in 2009. In 2010, this nearly doubled to 4,000. In 2011, over 10,000 participants turned up, growing to 15,000 in 2012. The year 2013 saw the largest number of Singaporeans and permanent residents turning up to date, at 21,000. This consistently ranks Pink Dot as the largest gathering since the inception of the Speakers’ Corner in 2000.