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Joint Statement: Hate Cannot Be Allowed to Take Root in Singapore

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Joint Statement by Singapore’s LGBT Community Groups

SINGAPORE, Tuesday, June 14, 2016 – The mass shooting in an LGBT nightclub in Orlando is a tragedy and sobering reminder of the homophobia LGBT individuals experience on a daily basis. We are shocked and saddened by what has transpired in Orlando and we share in the pain of the families and friends of the victims. Tonight, communities gather to remember the lives lost in a candlelight vigil at Hong Lim Park.

Our leaders have offered their statements of condolence to the victims of the shooting and we could not agree more that this was an act of senseless violence that led to the loss of innocent lives. We applaud Minister of Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam’s reassuring words that the Singapore government would protect its people regardless of race, religion or sexuality.

However, the … Read More »

Pink Dot statement on corporate sponsors

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Pink Dot SG started off first and foremost as a platform on which values of inclusion and diversity are celebrated, and over the years this has only strengthened with the growing support of Singaporeans from all walks of life, including a significant portion of its corporate citizens. For all the LGBT Singaporeans and their allies that this movement has striven to help give a voice to and done its part to push the envelope in helping to create greater visibility of Singapore’s LGBT community, we have done all we can to ensure Pink Dot SG stays within the law.

Our Corporate Sponsors that have supported us over the years are all registered and incorporated in Singapore. We are fortunate to count among them admired household names, employers of choice for a sizeable portion of our workforce, inextricably linked with and fully … Read More »

Press Release: Heroes Send a United Message of Love and Understanding at Pink Dot 2016

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Annual rally in support of the Freedom to Love changes format in its eighth year, brings participants together to raise placards in support of inclusivity at Hong Lim Park

Singapore, 4 June 2016 – For its eighth edition, the annual Pink Dot SG underwent an event format change with dramatic results. Organisers invited Singaporeans and Permanent Residents to pen messages of support onto large placards and raise them simultaneously at dusk, sending a spectacular message of inclusivity and helping to foster a society that embraces diversity.

Pink Dot 2016 focused on the theme of everyday heroes; the fact that anyone can be a hero to the people around them through acts of love and understanding, both big and small. In line with this, organisers released three mini-documentaries as campaign videos this year, telling powerful stories from real life of everyday heroes making an … Read More »

Pink Dot Concert line-up and programme

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Catch Pink Dot 2016 Ambassadors ShiGGa Shay and Liu Ling Ling who will fire up the crowd with their vocal performances from 5pm. Pink Dot 2015 Ambassador Hirzi of MunahHirziOfficial will make a fabulous return to the Pink Dot Concert stage. And making their appearances at the Pink Dot Concert for the first time are pop/soul artist Gareth Fernandez, singer-songwriter Charlie Lim, A Cappella group MICappella, singer Vandetta, dancer Hamzah and DJ Bobby Luo.

Community Voices

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Pink Dot’s Community Voices segment started in 2014 to give different segments of our community a platform to be heard. We’ve heard from the likes of Becca D’Bus, Benjamin “Mr Miyagi” Lee, Jolene Tan, SKL0, and we know you’ll not want to miss this year’s exciting line up.

For 2016, we will have AJ & Honeybee, Pauline Ong, June Chua from our 3-part series documentary, as well as Tan Joo Hymn, Darius Zheng and Nic Lim speaking at 4pm sharp at the soapbox!

How to collect your Pink Placard

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Singaporeans and PRs: Remember to bring your IC and flash it at us to collect a Pink Placard!


Non-Singaporeans and PRs: There are other activities you may participate at our Community tents, having a picnic, enjoying our Pink Concert and observing the raising or placards by Singaporeans.

Do note that everyone is welcomed at Pink Dot 2016! However, only Singaporeans and PRs are allowed to raise the placards during the demonstration segment due to park regulations. Click here for more information.

Pink Dot 2016: Corporate Sponsors

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Headlining Sponsors

Established as one of the global leaders in Internet products and services, Google is acknowledged as the first corporate sponsor for Pink Dot SG, having come on board since 2011.

“Our goal is to make Google the greatest place for everyone to work. This means creating an environment where all Googlers can feel comfortable being themselves at work, so they and their teams can be more innovative, creative, and inspired. Supporting and enabling communities has always been core to our company culture.

Our global employee resource network called Gayglers is one of our grassroots networks of employees with shared values of supporting diversity and inclusion within our company and our communities. They’ve been instrumental in leading all of us to come together every year since Pink Dot was established in 2009. Google continues to stand proud as a supporter of Pink … Read More »

Pink Dot Ambassador 2016 – Liu Ling Ling

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Liu Ling Ling is a celebrated artiste in Singapore and is especially well known in the local ‘getai’ scene. She has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years and is a beloved singer, actress and comedian. In recent years, she has starred in many local films to much acclaim – I Not Stupid Too, 881, 3688 and Mr. Unbelievable to name a few.

Ling Ling decided to be a Pink Dot ambassador this year because she believes she can reach out to a different segment of our society – those from the older generation who may be struggling with understanding their LGBT children, family members or friends.

“As a mother, I can imagine why some parents might be upset when they find out their children are LGBT. But I also think a lot of their concern stems from … Read More »

Pink Dot Ambassador 2016 – ShiGGa Shay

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ShiGGa Shay is a Singapore-based rapper, music producer and film-maker who directs and edits all his own music videos. The 23-year-old Hip-Hop artist has performed twice for Singapore’s National Day Parade, Singapore’s most-watched live telecasted event (in 2010 and 2014) and several South Asian music festivals like Yfest (SG), Raising The Bar (MY), etc. As part of Singapore’s SG50 jubilee music project Sing Love, he has been personally handpicked by one of Mandopop’s biggest artists Stefanie Sunto work with her on ‘Simple Love’.

ShiGGastepped up to be a Pink Dot ambassador because he believes in the Freedom to Love and equality for all LGBT Singaporeans.

“I think it’s important that society develops a better understanding of LGBT people. I have friends and colleagues who are gay, lesbian and transgender, and I admire their courage for being true to themselves. That makes them … Read More »

Pink Dot Ambassador 2016 – Anita Kapoor

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TV host and writer Anita Kapoor, shot to fame as the clear favourite winner of a Discovery travel host search and has not looked back since. Insatiably curious and possessing a natural wit, this former magazine editor has explored the world for Discovery TLC, AXN, Lonely Planet, Channel News Asia and OKTO, and Starwood Asia Pacific channels, forever on a quest to pioneer the non-conformist stories and locations, especially to connect with the provocateurs who move their worlds.

She is an ambassador for the Singapore chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and her advocacies include Willing Hearts which feeds Singapore’s marginalised, Magic Bus which empowers childrens’ lives in India through sports, and A Single Love which supports single parents. She has also spoken at TEDx Singapore Women 2012 on ‘Female to Female Misogyny in the First World’.

As a Pink Dot ambassador this year, Anita hopes to extend her … Read More »