DJ Big Kid, Selena Tan and Brendon Fernandaz tell Pink Dot why they support The Freedom To Love

Posted on May 8th, by Pink Dot Sg in Pink Dot 2009. 9 comments

DJ Big Kid, Johnson Ong:

“Gay Singaporeans have contributed to the development and success of Singapore as much as straight Singaporeans and must have the same rights and freedoms accorded to them. This includes the freedom to love and demonstrate that love to someone of the same gender. To a gay person, this is something that is not determined by choice, but is an emotion that is as natural as breathing and eating or drinking. Therefore, I sincerely ask all Singaporeans, regardless of their sexual orientation or religious affiliations, to take a stand and reject any unjust law or policy that discriminates against otherwise perfectly law-abiding citizens. Every single Singaporean deserves a chance in his/her pursuit of happiness, and not to have such a basic human freedom taken away.”

Selena Tan:

“How wonderful it is that Singaporeans have come out in support of LOVE! I believe that there is nothing greater than love and I am proud to support Pink Dot in it’s pursuit of love for ALL. A love that chooses not to discriminate but to embrace each other as fellow human beings with equal rights to live as people of love. To share our little island and indeed, our world, as brothers and sisters. I hope that this is something we can all be a part of and that we can all live each day in celebration of LOVE.”

Brendon Fernandez:

“Do you have someone to love, who loves you back?

If you do, isn’t it wonderful, and don’t you wish everyone could have what you have?

If you don’t, do you want it, for yourself and those you care about?

Some things are the same no matter who or what we are. Everybody needs love.

I want to be at Pink Dot because I believe love is a right. A human right.”

9 Responses to “DJ Big Kid, Selena Tan and Brendon Fernandaz tell Pink Dot why they support The Freedom To Love”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stone cold lies, and propaganda.
    ‘DJ Big Kid’, no-one is meant to be ‘gay’, so there are no “gay Singaporeans”…and people being ‘gay’ have NOT contributed as much to the development and success of Singapore (or anywhere else!) as much as straight people!
    Singapore was NOT founded and built by “gay people”, the hard work, ideas and efforts that built that city over 200 years was NOT done by “gay people”, families have only kept on going because of straight people…and NONE of you newly ‘gay’ people would even be alive if not for straight people!
    To arrogantly say that “gay Singaporeans” have contributed as much to the development and success of Singapore is an INSULT!
    The people who struggled and strove for centuries, the people who suffered and endured under Japanese occupation, were NOT “gay”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is a slap in the face, an insult to the memory, of those generations of good, straight people, who for over two hundred years worked to build Singapore.
    Singaporeans being “gay” only contribute to the corruption and destruction of Singapore, as they do everywhere else.
    And, if we go with this propaganda that ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ Singaporeans are a minority…then obviously the spoiled brats and spoiled bitches that have gone ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ in recent years have NOT contributed to the development and success of Singapore as the straight majority!

    Being “gay” is most definitely a CHOICE!
    A choice fuelled by arrogance, by rampant affluence and unchecked ego.
    Being “gay” is NOT natural.
    And this barren, conceited, emotionally stunted, soulless, superficial vanity is NOT breating, eating and drinking.
    No human being can live without those, ALL human beings could live without being “gay”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is NO such thing as different ‘sexual orientations’…male is oriented toward female, and female oriented toward male, by design, by nature, by creation.
    And ALL religion is stridently opposed to the sins of “homosexuality” and “lesbianism”…to ask religious people to turn their backs on the truth, and to ask them to ‘support’ this perverse event is another insult!
    You are NOT law abiding citizens…the sins of “homosexuality” and “lesbianism” are always immoral so are therefore truly ILLEGAL!
    Your “happiness” is NOT allowed to come at the expense of other’s happiness, and society’s quality.
    No human being has the “freedom” to indulge in perverse ‘same sex’ ‘lifestyles’!
    Freedom FROM selfish desire is what you should be pursuing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Johnson Ong…you are as immature and disrespectful as your “Big Kid” pseudonym implies…but at least kids have an excuse, and usually grow out of it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Selena…this ghastly event is not ‘wonderful’!
    The vain, biased, one-sided, blinkered, elitist “love” you are being duped into supporting is, by definition, DISCRIMINATORY!

    Vulgar, arrogant, “SAME sex” “loves” are the worst of discrimination.
    Discriminatory, and unnatural, meaningless, offensive, hurtful, and damaging.

    This evil deviation of ‘love’ seeks to drive a wedge between the sexes, between men and women…and to ONLY be about ‘love’ between brothers, and sisters.
    It is wrong, it is evil.

    The cold, cruel vanity of “homosexuality/lesbianism” is an insult to love, is the death of real love!

  6. Pam Oei says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    You are full of anger aren’t you? Please calm down.

    At least Dj Big Kid, Selena and Brendon have the courage to say what they really feel and put their faces and names to their beliefs.

    You on the other hand, have to hide behind a pseudonym – “Anonymous”, no less. Come out and speak as you are, put your name to your words, then perhaps we can have a useful discussion.

    If you don’t put a name to your words, then you are a coward, and no one should pay any attention to you because your cruel and hard words mean nothing on a day as pink as today.

    Pam Oei

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who has time for negativity? Our energy is better spent on the people-empowering, bond-building, happiness-spreading and life-affirming things to do.

    daniel kok

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bravo to Pam Oei ! She is absolutely right !
    I salute to Pink Dot !
    It was a wonderful event on sat afternoon ! I felt so much LOVE at Hong Lim Park !


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