Pink Dot 2014: For Family, For Friends, For Love

2014 campaign reflects on Singapore’s shifting community landscape, with the introduction of Ambassadors and the unveiling of a new campaign video


Singapore, 22 May 2014 – The movement supporting the Freedom to Love returns for its sixth consecutive year with new Ambassadors, a community-focused campaign video, and a more interactive and reflective atmosphere at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park. This year, Pink Dot shines the spotlight on the community and their perspectives on what the Freedom to Love means to them. Spearheading this are the Ambassadors for Pink Dot 2014, thespians recognised and respected for their craft, as well as their contributions to society: Sebastian Tan, Janice Koh, and Brendon Fernandez. Probably best known as his alter ego, Broadway Beng, Sebastian Tan is an award-winning performer whose body of work is as artistically eclectic as the person himself, appearing in productions such as the UK tour of Miss Saigon, Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress and Cinderel-Lah. His accolades include two Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards in 2009 and 2010, and a Star Award in 1997.


Current Nominated Member of Parliament, Janice Koh has been a fervent champion for the arts, creativity, and LGBT issues. To date, Janice has spoken on a range of topics in Parliament, including the importance of the arts and humanities in education, heritage conservation and censorship in the arts and media. A lauded stage and television actor, Janice has appeared in many homegrown television productions including Fighting Spiders and The Pupil, with honours including a Life! Theatre Award in 2003, and an Asian Television Award in 2010. Singaporeans may recognise Brendon Fernandez as the host for documentaries and current affairs programmes for Channel NewsAsia; on stage, his most recent plays include Company, The Optic Trilogy, and critically-acclaimed The Importance of Being Earnest. Brendon hopes that Singapore will be a place that every member of his family – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity – can call home.

Joining the Ambassadors in this year’s Campaign Video are more than 40 Singaporeans from all walks of life, weighing in on the question: What Does The Freedom To Love Mean To You? Helmed by up-and-coming filmmaker Leon Cheo and titled, For Family, For Friends, For Love, the video features LGBT and straight Singaporeans coming together to share their sentiments about Pink Dot and their wish for a more open-minded and inclusive Singapore. In a back-tobasics concept, the reel pays tribute to the heartwarming series of vignettes showcased in earlier editions of Pink Dot, while highlighting the changes that have taken place in the years since.

“Pink Dot means a lot to me. Before it came about, Singapore didn’t appear open-minded and compassionate enough. Now, Pink Dot represents the possibility that Singapore can be a place where LGBT people are included,” said Leon in his Director’s Note. The community factor will also be strengthened on the ground. The hallmark Community Tent, established as a focal point for Singapore’s diverse array of LGBT and LGBT-friendly organisations, has been reconfigured to better facilitate movement and traffic around Hong Lim Park. This complements the exciting Pink Dot Concert, which returns with a bedazzling combination of performances and musical acts, all designed to add spice to the occasion. One significant addition to Pink Dot 2014 is the new Community Voices segment, where members of the LGBT community and straight allies are invited to share stories, talk about personal challenges, and touch on their hopes and dreams. This will take place an hour before the commencement of the Pink Dot Concert. The most visible manifestation of Pink Dot 2014’s focus on family, friends and love, will be its signature pièce de résistance, the formation of the giant human pink dot. Once again expected to take place after sunset, participants are invited to bring along their pink torches and light them up in a show of solidarity and inclusivity – a tangible, heartfelt demonstration of love for one and all.

Paerin Choa, Pink Dot Sg spokesperson said, “We would like Pink Dot 2014 to be an opportunity for Singaporeans – both LGBT and straight – to take stock and reflect on the changing landscape that has come about in recent years. Even as we celebrate the positive changes we as a community have brought about, we remain cognisant that more still needs to be done before we can truly consider ourselves an equal and inclusive society. We love Singapore, and it is our fondest wish that Pink Dot can help to continue bridging the various segments of society in celebration of the Freedom to Love, for our family members, for our friends, for Singapore.”

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About Pink Dot Sg
Pink Dot Sg is a non-profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. Why Pink? Because it is a blend of red and white – the colour of Singapore’s flag. It is also the colour of our national identification cards. More importantly, Pink Dot Sg stands for a Singapore in which all Singaporeans, regardless of their sexual orientation, are free to love and be loved. 2,500 people supported this cause in 2009. In 2010, this nearly doubled to 4,000. In 2011, over 10,000 participants turned up, growing to 15,000 in 2012. The year 2013 saw the largest number of Singaporeans and permanent residents turning up to date, at 21,000. This ranks Pink Dot as the largest gathering at the Speakers’ Corner since its inception in 2000.