Love, Kinship and Families take centre stage at Pink Dot 2010

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Come 15 May 2010, Singaporeans are invited to celebrate the Freedom to Love with Pink Dot once again.

This year, Pink Dot honours kinship and family – in support and in recognition of our parents, siblings, relatives and friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Singaporeans.

Growing up gay is never easy. But it is through the unconditional love, support and understanding of family members and friends that they are able to pull through; with the care, kindness and concern that sustains over periods of anxiety and hardship.

We believe that everyone inherently wants to feel accepted – like they belong.

This is why family values matter greatly to Pink Dot.

Beyond the emotional and psychological well-being that strong familial ties can provide, family values also go towards affirming who we are as a community and as a nation: cohesive and compassionate.

Yet, every family is different. No two grandparents, parents, children, siblings, uncles, aunties, etc, can be exactly the same.

We relate to everyone differently precisely because we recognise and appreciate, quite naturally, that every person is unique.

So what happens when “sexual orientation” is a trait that makes a loved one unique? Will you continue to love your gay parent, child, grandchild, sibling, cousin, nephew or niece unconditionally?

Come make Pink Dot with us on 15 May 2010 (Saturday) at Hong Lim Park! More than 2,500 people came last year and had a wonderful time. Help us enlarge the Dot this year to show the world that Singapore is a great place for everyone, straight or gay. Bring your families, friends and colleagues! To keep up to date with the latest information, befriend Pink Dot at or join our Facebook Page.

The Pink Dot Organising Committee

5 Responses to “Love, Kinship and Families take centre stage at Pink Dot 2010”

  1. Lokies Khan says:

    Time sure hell flies!!!

  2. sloo says:

    Wonderful! Time to spread the word

  3. Anonymous says:

    wonderful! wonder why love has to be restricted/limited in certain ways, dimensions, traditions when it is all about individual expression of it in each person's style!

  4. fmds says:

    i think this a good organisation where people of all race,age and culture cohesively under one roof striking a common understanding of what FREEDOM is all about. Bravo to the committee, cant wait to see u guyus on the 15th May.

    P.S i love to help u guys in anyway.D

  5. Anonymous says:

    A group of us are coming in from Hong Kong to support!

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