Singapore Is PINK DOT!

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  1. lionel says:

    wow im proud of singapore so many turned up. I think its time we take this to another level. Mayb we should have round pin-on tags of the logo distributed to public so ppl that support pinkdot can carry this with them wherever they go and let more ppl noe abt this. THE END OF HONGLIM PARK GATHER IS NOT THE END OF PINKDOT! WE LIVE ON!

  2. lionel says:


  3. Jewel in the Crown says:

    Proud to been one of the participants!

  4. Anonymous says:

    a historical moment and one big step for singapore. Kudos to pinkdot

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Perverts galore!

  7. Anonymous says:

    too bad this wasnt during the older times.
    should have just cage you guys in and burn.

  8. vivthegreat says:

    And of course the flamers remain anonymous :)

    It was a great event, thanks for organising! I had a great time, everyone had a great time! :D

  9. chelle* says:

    awesome! surreal! happy! gay!*

  10. - t.O.n.Y - says:

    That was such an amazing event! I’m touched by the zest and passion that we Singaporeans showed when we stand up for what we believe in.

    The event was also very well organised and planned. Cheers to the organising committee. =D

    This is a great step towards TRUE equality in Singapore. May we succeed in making LOVE A FREEDOM FOR ALL!

  11. Enkei says:

    I feel that there should be restraint from both sides such that each can live their own lives privately.

    While the opposing groups may each forward their agenda in their own ways, as long as it doesn’t impfact the other, i suppose both sides should just let it be.

  12. Kris says:

    Congrats to the organisers and all participants, young and old, male and female, of various races, religions and sexuality!! Glad to see such a big pink dot formed!

    Looks like the flamers (fundies?) are completely missing the point. Promoting equality DOES NOT equate with promoting homosexuality. The aim is just to raise awareness and greater acceptance, and to do away with discrimination (whether subtle or obvious, conscious or subconscious).

    It is the same concept as the nation promoting harmony among the various religious groups. The ultimate goal is to have harmony, not the promotion of individual religion.

    Similarly, by wanting treatment for one segment of society, it does not mean that other segments of society are treated as something lesser. Neither will it turn more members of society from one sexual orientation/preference to another!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wrong Kris, wrong.
    And you know it.
    The indulgence in a vain ‘same sex’ “lifestyle” implicitly says that one gender is better than the other.
    The promotion of a barren, ego-driven, vain, biased ‘same sex’ “lifestyle” as being “equal” to the Holy, natural, balanced, creative, complete, harmonious union of male and female is utterly wrong.
    The depiction of vain, selfish “gay” or “lesbian” “lifestyles” as being “equal” to a proper, balanced Heterosexual relationship is patently wrong.
    When people focus only on their own gender, it means that those of the other gender DO lose out.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How can those now indulging in a selfish “same sex” ‘lifestyle’ think they can remove themselves from the human equation without affect or consequence?
    Promoting “homosexuality” in any way, on any level, IS promoting it.
    There cannot be harmony while vain, spoiled, arrogant people wrench themselves away from family, and reject those of the opposite/complimentary gender, to indulge in a ghastly “same sex” ‘lifestyle’, all the while encouraging other to join in their vulgar escapades.
    How, can you even have the nerve to pose that there might be ‘harmony’ while some people drive a wedge between the genders, and run off to have “sex” with, and to only “love”, their own gender?
    And then presume to have the “right’ to do this??

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just the notion of, not to mention the act, of adopting a vain “same sex” “gay” or “lesbian” ‘lifestyle’ coldly says that some people, and one gender, are ‘better’ than others.
    This has got to stop.
    And this is nothing like religion.
    There is true harmony between all religion, because all bona fide religion is one.
    And all religiong is in harmony in it’s opposition to the gross sins of “homosexuality” and “lesbianism”!

  16. Anonymous says:

    By definition, an egotistic “same sex” ‘lifestyle’ implies that other people are ‘lesser’.
    And, away from all the hoopla and show of a superficial event like “Pink Dot”…”gay males” and “lesbians” do very conceitedly consider those of the other gender to be much ‘lesser’ than they are.
    Any level of promotion of “homosexuality” and “lesbianism” is bad, and sadly WILL encourage other people to indulge in this “preference”.
    It’s got to stop. And ‘events’ like “pink dot” must never be allowed to happen.


  17. Anonymous says:

    The cruel smiles on display in these photos from “pink dot” are only the ‘smiles’ of the arrogantly conceited.
    They should be wiped from their faces.


  18. Riku says:

    I am so proud of everyone who supported the event. It was indeed a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon, away from shopping centres, gym and swimming pool.

    Everyone there was so ‘high’. There was no barriers at all.. I was so happy to see many ‘older folks’ there – must be grandpas and grandmas of fellow supporters.

    And to the organising committee, Hong Lim Park is such a wonderful venue. Its proximity to the Clarke Quay MRT and Chinatown makes it so convenient.

    Looking forward to such events in the future.

  19. Vic Woo says:

    Me & My Parents is glad to appear in one of the pictures taken & we enjoyed the event immensely. We look forward to next year's event & a bigger pink dot.

    Kudos to everyone who organised, volunteered & participated.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous May 17, 2009 8:11 AM

    We have no time to hate you because there’s just so much love around!

    So we’re not indulging you in those absolutely miscontrued statements. The TRUTH and HAPPINESS for ALL, yes, including you, will prevail!!


  21. Ming says:

    Congratulations and cheers to everyone involved in this beautiful event! This brought me a smile and, I admit, a few tears, too.

  22. lionel says:

    Lol i see many ignorant comments claiming that my form of love is egoistic and vain. That is not at all fair , do you know how it feels like to be in my shoes? U selfish flamers would probably want to force me to like some1 i dont to make u feel less “disturbed”. Becoz of your selfishness i am not able to live my life. Im not even forcing u to like some1 u dont. Why are u butting into my life? Give me a break

  23. missfoxxxy says:

    Hey if any of you have photos of my pink dog from yesterday, it would be awesome if you could tag her on facebook? Her name is Kitty Koh.

    Thank you!! :D

  24. Anonymous says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    I’m gay, Singaporean and in Boston and very proud.


    Smooches all

    Yeah, one for SKOT too.


  25. Anonymous says:


    You’re so full of bitterness and anger. So .. that is what your religion teaches you?


  26. Anonymous says:

    To Anonymous and SKOT,

    It’s alright. We still love you, and accept you for all that you are.



  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi all,

    I was at the Pinkdot event yesterday at Hong Lim Park with my partner/girlfriend… and yea, I am female. So happy to be able to hold her hand in public and feel good about it.

    So proud to be able to form that dot of pink and part of the words LOVE FOR ALL…. !!

    Love you all at PINKDOT! :)

  28. ikepod says:

    dont feed skot the troll …he appeared in when he posted about our pink dot event and was subsequently banned…

    anyway…yes proud moment in singapore’s history and so happy to be part of this with everyone and with my friends…thanks guys!

    all you need is love!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic show of support! Thank you to the organizers who set up the event. This shows progress as a nation that is maturing and able to understand the importance of a non-discriminating society.

  30. ihateaudit says:

    when will the next pink dot event be held? i missed yesterday’s cos of some stupid company function! urggghhh.. =(

    hopefully the dot will grow bigger by then yea =)

  31. Miao Miao says:

    I’m so glad to have been a part of Singapore’s first pink dot. Many pink hearts to the organizers and to everyone who attended!

  32. Sojourner says:

    It was wonderful to see so many people turn up at PinkDot to affirm a very basic human desire to have the love we have for our partners and spouses acknowledged and celebrated.

    We chose our partners regardless of (and sometimes despite) race, sexuality, class because we see the whole person; a person who is simultaneously marked by those categories and yet also transcending them by virtue of being — beyond race, sexuality and class –simply human.

    A huge “Thank you” to the PinkDot team for making this celebration of love happen!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Oh, so that was ‘missfoxxxy’aka Pearl Koh, an almost completely mindless, shallow, superficial, vapid, selfish newly “lesbian” ‘femme’ (really, at any other time just another dime-a-dozen ‘ah lian’, but, seeing as how the “lesbian” trend has caught on and all…), with the dyed pink dog!
    So, animal cruelty on top of arrogant sexual perversity?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Not good, at all, despite how good she might ‘look’.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Eugene…pride comes before the fall.
    You have only become “gay”, because of your conceited pride and arrogance.
    And it’s not good, and nothing to boast of.

  36. Anonymous says:

    for me it was such a positive & empowering event, with thoughtfulness & creativity put into a very well organized effort.
    hoooray to solidarity! hooray to loving inclusiveness! i'm proud to have been there.


  37. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you notice something, “ikepod”?
    That people raising a voice of conscience against the spread of “homosexuality” and “lesbianism” have to be ruthlessly ‘banned’?
    That’s the ONLY way this conceit can continue?
    You cannot perpetually ban the truth though. And a superficial fancy, that requires other people’s deepr concerns being “banned” has NO substance.
    Funny too, that all the smug “queers” just love using the internet, and ‘banning’ people who confront them about it…computers were NOT invented by “gays”, and the internet was NOT developed for the spread of “homosexuality”!

  38. Anonymous says:

    To IZ (that makes me think of the legendary Iz The Wiz!)…save it, or shove it.
    Your smug acting like a gracious ‘martyr’ is just rubbish.
    Acting like you are the “persecuted” minority, loving your ‘oppressors’.
    Well, you arrogant, vain, sexist hedonists being “gay” and “lesbian” ARE the oppressors!
    You callously reject an entire gender, indulge in a vain, arrogant, hurtful “lifestyle”…claim that “society’s morals don’t pertain to you”, but then expect extra ‘rights’, and claim “persecuted” status.
    But YOU are the oppressors…of so much!
    There will NOT be peace until people STOP being “gay” or “lesbian”.

  39. Anonymous says:


    i see more hate in you than love, therefore you shouldn’t be the deserving guys, who never get to walk around holding girls hand, I MEAN NOT YET. learn to love than hate. you will be happy.


  40. Anonymous says:

    Susan, this dismissive, conceited, oppressive “inclusiveness” is the worst kind of fascism.
    It was accursed pride that made all these people go ‘gay’, and want to show it off in the park.
    Vain, barren ‘same sex’ behaviour is NOT creative, in any way…you should NOT feel good about attending this event.
    You have stood up to be counted on the wrong side!

  41. Anonymous says:

    From Jane
    well, good on you guys, hurray and all. But…why don’t you put your money where your mouth(s) is(are)? We in Sg are all aware that quite a few celebrities are as gay as maypoles.

    So why don’t you guys just come out? There seems to be some prominent people, entertainment celebrities, other type of celebrities (political/social commentary types) — hey, people both gays and lesbo, why don’t YOU put your money where your mouth is, and just OUT yourself.

    Yes, hurray and congrats *bleah*

  42. Anonymous says:

    Jane, the ONLY reason people go “gay” or “lesbo” is because they are spoiled by too much money…and loads of vain ‘celebrities’ are falling over each other to come “out”, because they know there is even more expendable wealth to be made by courting the corrupt “pink dollar”.

    How about people putting their money to GOOD use.
    And stop putting their mouths on the genitals of people with genitals just like theirs?!
    And trying to pass it off as “love”!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Like it or not, LGBT is here to stay.

    Anti LGBT people can curse or hate but will this really make them happy? When they are 6 feet under, would they ever able to find peace from within?

    Let us pray (regardless of race, language or religion) for these people who have nothing but bitterness in them to find peace and happiness from within.

    To the pink dot and participants, well done guys. A small yet significant step surely. Plenty of courage from the organisers, participants no doubt. Let us love who we want and wish to love.

    I will be there next year.

    Patrick A

  44. August says:


    Re: “There are loads of guys, deserving guys, who never get to walk around holding a girls hand…I know, I’m one of them.”

    Hmmm. And we wonder why.

    Don’t call yourself deserving because that’s the last thing you are, when all you are is bitter about the thing you don’t deserve: Unconditional love.

    For the record, I’m straight. And even if you were the last person on Earth, I’d rather get it on with a tree.

    Love and peace!

  45. Anonymous says:

    we lived to love, not to hate. world peace is what everyone asked for. and if everyone can learn to love and to accept people for who they are, the less terrorism we will face. we may all be human, but we come from different race. and nobody can explain why is there race and colour among us. to find world peace, all must find the way to love people for who they are, what is their skin colour.

    happiness just doesn’t come by easily. those people who are married to the lifelong partner who are not the same race or speak the same language of their partner. but they can live happily together, dont they?

    why blame others for your unhappiness to find someone you love? when someone breaks your heart,it teaches you that loving someone does not always mean that the person will love you back. but do not turn your back on love because when you find the right person, the joy that one person brings that will make up for the past hurts put together.


  46. hm says:

    are you a father or something? stop using god’s name. you make my stomach turn. please learn to love more. you’ll be a happier person.

    many thanks to the pinkdot team yesterday for making this event successful. my friends and i enjoyed ourselves:D

  47. Anonymous says:

    Good job to the people who organized and help up at The Pink Dot Event! I was there with 3 of my friends and had a Great Time of being part of a FAMILY! For those people who didn’t attend and wish to help up, PLEASE DONATE! I personally donated $100. I know it just tiny amount, but I know every cents will help – for all the time and effort of our FRIENDS!

    Way to go Man, and WOMAN! Let make it a BIGGER PINK DOT next year!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I was at the event yesterday. Congrats to the organisers who had led the rest.

    We are here to stay. Be proud about being who we are.

    For those who cannot take it, just dont visit and read anything to do with pinkdot…


  49. Anonymous says:

    So happy to hear of this event while im away from Singapore. Still don’t understand the hateful comments for the LGBT community back home. No one can force another to love someone of the same sex. It’s like telling the world that having a church in a predominantly islamic community or say little india is promoting/forcing them to be christians or promoting christianity.

  50. Anonymous says:

    i support gays!
    every1 should become gay.
    so that the all human kind would end because there wouldnt be any1 left to reproduce.
    that would be really good to see.

  51. Tan Ah Beng says:

    “An unfriendly man pursues selfish ends; he defies all sound judgment. A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions. When wickedness comes, so does comtempt, and with shame comes disgrace.” – Proverbs 18:1-3

    There is no reason not to respect another human being on earth. So what if he/she is gay? Does that make he/she a less human? If a Christian lives next to a Muslim, will the Christian eventually becomes a Muslim? If you have a vegetarian neighbour, will you become one? Will you who become a smoker and blame it on your friends who smoke?

    Let’s all live in peace.

    Congratulations to the success of Pink Dot. Saw the pictures, and feel happy for you guys and gals.

  52. Ron says:

    lol,so many flame post.i think anon jealous la,cant get chio bu go shoot ppl,hahas…

    anw,ima proud PINK singaporean!so glad tt im part of it…thks for organising such event!

    btw,sunday times got a small article on pinkdot!

    oh yea,ytd i abit shy nv shou at the front,so here goes…*all the lesbians say ho*


  53. Ed says:

    Thanks to a lady who passed the program sheet and updated us on the progress of the event.

    Thanks to a guy who volunteerily gave us his pink umberalla as he was leaving.

    Thanks to a lady holding two pink balloons who kindly gave one to us upon our request.

    Thanks to the organisers of PINK DOT!

    Thanks for the LOVE all around. :)

  54. Shaun says:

    I would like to thank the organizers of Pink Dot for holding this event. It was wonderful and it warmed my heart, especially when I see parents with their kids, all dressed in pink, forming the dot that speaks of the importance of love in our lives, no matter the form and no matter the subject.

    Thank You

  55. Abel Kaine says:

    My boyfriend and I didn’t have anything pink to wear there, thanks to friends who passed us Pink balloons and the volunteers who managed to find us a pink “tablecloth” to wrap around u.

    It was great to see straight friends of both genders who turned up as well, it shows that the gay people are not alone in fighting for the freedom to love.

    It was a really sweet affair. Thank you. :)

  56. Anonymous says:

    From Kevin:

    I guess SKOT is one of those guys who never got a girl no matter how hard he tried, kind of like the male version of “Never Been Kissed” or maybe the “40 year old Virgin” with lots of rage.

    I never had problems like that, but I hear your pain.

    Some guys can get all the girls they want, some guys never come close to one, no matter how hard they try.

    But to blame the lesbians….haha, that is totally not cool man.

    Don’t indulge in a scarcity mindset buddy, there are lots of straight girls out there.

    You should be more worried about straight, red-blooded males like me, hahaha.

    If you want to be angry, please give guys like pickup artists more credit.
    They are only 10% of the male population who have slept with 90% of the female population.

    My advice for you SKOT, since you have never had any luck with straight girls, INVEST in a seduction class that is in your country.

    I am totally cool with lesbians, and I want them to be happy and lead fulfilling lives too.

    Another thing to you SKOT, please don’t decide for GOD what HE wants.
    And please don’t misuse the name of GOD to decide whom you want to curse.

    Remember, INVEST in a seduction class in your country. Looking at all the negative posts, I think you really need it.

  57. .:Aze Lee:. says:

    i dont think the aim of pinkdot was to encourage the gay lifestyle..or to fight for the rights of the LGBT per say..

    its message was simple..


    why cant it just be that..about love..

    ‘Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.’

    ‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’

    we do not seek for you to understand or approve..we seek for you to allow us to love..and hope that too can love us..

    kudos once again guys have opened my eyes to a lot of things..


  58. The Plutonian says:

    Yay! I was there!!!!
    I discarded my usual all-black ensemble for the day and put on a pink sweater! I was so glad to be there. And I think flamers should just SHUT UP. Tell me, how can you choose who you love? You love who you love and I am all for it.

    Those few hours at the park were some of the best few hours spent in my life! ^_^


  59. Anonymous says:

    The only EVIL PEOPLE in this Blog are those who have a great problem with them self being straight and full of hate toward diversity & creativity .Obviously they are lack of love and self respect !Poor skot & his supporter,they are sooooo bitter and lost aren't they ?

  60. Anonymous says:

    Question, Anonymous…and it’s an obvious one, that always echoes aroind my mind…but is never answered…
    How exactly…just, how…does vain, arrogant, short-sighted people…who conceitedly only want to have ‘sex’ with, and “love”, only their own SAME gender…equate to “diversity”????????????????

    And a barren, emotionally stunted, spiritually moribund, one-sided, blinkered, biased, sexist, shallow, superficial, “SAME sex” “lifestyle”…to “creativity”???????????

    ‘Same sex’ is NOT diverse!
    ‘Same sex’ is NOT creative!
    The vanity of a ‘same sex’ “lifestyle” is the enemy of diversity and creativity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU are the ones who are lost, and you are taking more and more people into the maze with you.
    And yes, I AM bitter…I am so bitter about this it is like poison in my mouth…you have NO concept of how bitter I am about this.
    That is because I still FEEL, properly.

    And Kevin…how is loads of girls rejecting men, saying they are now “too good” for men…and indulging in barren, biased, vain, arrogant “lesbian” “lifestyles” in any way “fulfilling”, for anyone?????????????
    You’re “totally cool” with it???
    You stupid, short-sighted, trendy idiot!
    You’re handing these girls the knife to cut your own throat, you traitor!

    And God Himself had made Himself perfectly clear about what he wants.

    Key issue Kevin…I do NOT accept this contrived new hierarchy, this new division between the genders.
    NO girl is ‘meant’ to be “lesbian”, so there are NO “lesbians” to blame!!!!!!
    There is not two “species” of female…’straight’ and “lesbian”.
    ALL these girls now being “lesbians” were created to be straight, were once straight, and are meant to be straight.

  61. Anonymous says:

    And to everyone who said things to me here…

    Your selfish vanity, your self absorption, is NOT love.

    And your conceited, insensitive indifference is worse than hate!!!!

    You are all COMPLETELY wrong, and you KNOW it.

    So smug, so arrogant…all slapping yourselves on the back…and one voice comes along to tell you it’s wrong…and you unleash the most vile insults…and STILL claim “victim” status.
    I will blame exactly whoever DESERVES to be blamed.
    And all of your selfish pride will burn you!


  62. Anonymous says:


    Get a life. Instead of scolding and cursing everyone here, maybe you would like to work on your character and cultivate a better you. Being bitter and developing a hatred is not the way to go.

    GLBT would always be here. ALWAYS. Read again SKOT, ALWAYS…

    Do you get it?

    Sigh… I guess you do not.

    We do not hate you for your remarks because if we do that, we would be degrading ourselves to your level.

    PEACE. :D

    Patrick A

  63. Anonymous says:

    eh SKOT.. so angree for wat? relak la. u sibei cham leh. angree until ppl say u cannot find cb to kan. sibei sad to knoe. all the ah beng ah lian oso knoe how to love. ur got diff from asian god k. we all asian so loving, how come u angmoh not loving?

  64. humph says:

    Hi all, a little background on SKOT: he’s a fanatic homophobe located in Australia, and this is what he does, going around senselessly flaming sites. He’s an older male, single, and blames homosexuality bitterly for his lack of ability at finding a female partner, heh. He thinks women reject him because they’re gay (convenient excuse eh).

    I know all these because I’ve crossed swords with him once and did some research. Let’s just all ignore him – personally my eyes simply glaze over at his comments. He’s not even in Singapore or Singaporean!

  65. meowlurve says:

    you’re pathetic seriously. stop going around other people’s blog flaming shits. you dont blame other people just because you cant find yourself a girl. fyi, i have more straight friends than gay ones.
    everybody have the right to love and be loved, including LGBT. please get a life.
    i suggest you go see a psychology.

  66. Anonymous says:

    What is that, some crass euphemism for “lesbian” ‘pussy eating’?
    Aren’t you suggesting that I go and see a psychologist?
    Not a ‘psychology’?!
    For God’s sake…they can’t even communicate properly, and they already think they can ‘do without’ men, and that they’ve got a handle on everything in life!

    And, anyway, aren’t people being “gay/lesbian” always ready to regale us with trite words about how “homosexuality” is ‘no longer considered a mental illness’?
    And now, when anyone raises a voice of conscience against ‘homosexuality’ and ‘lesbianism’…well, all of a sudden, THEY are seen as fit to be carted off to a psychologist’s office?!

    The minute you start dividing humanity up between ‘straight people’, on one side, and this elite called “LGBT” on the other…you are wrong, and you are my enemy.
    Every human needs love, from their complimentary gender!
    There is NOT some seperate ‘race’ of people called “LGBT”.
    That is NOT an inherent identity…NO-ONE is ‘meant’ to be “LGBT”.


  67. Anonymous says:

    Sexual depravity is NOT a “right”!
    Vain, barren, parasitic, hate-filled, spiteful, biased, self-indulgent, arrogant “same sex” behaviour…is NOT a ‘right’!

    This is NOT only about me not being able to find a girl.
    There are MANY boys and men that will not be able to find a girl.
    You CANNOT take yourselves out of the picture, and think you can avoid blame for what you do!
    I am NOT focusing only on my personal situation…that is what all YOU arrogant people being “LGBT” are doing…your vain, selfish, “freedom”, to indulge in your perverse ‘thrills’ is all you care about.
    I am talking about the personal and the social, the intimate, and the universal, the BIG PICTURE!

    I am here to get REAL LIFE back!


  68. Anonymous says:

    “humph”…you’rs is a staggering excercise in ignorance.
    Sooooo, I’m “not allowed” to stand against the evil sins of “homosexuality” and “lesbianism”…
    …but, seeing as how you’ve ‘crossed swords’ with me before…
    …am I to suppose to presume that you are already looking at all these horrible “lesbian” blog and websites…
    …possibly seeking to “hook up” up with any an as many girls as possible?

    SO WHAT IF I AM “OLDER”?????????????
    I’M 39!!!!!!!!
    And you’d best believe there is a HELL of a lot of older “dykes” and “queens” just waiting to co-erce any new young girls or guys into getting further into these tawdry scenes!
    I blame many things for my not “finding a female partner”…and yes, so many girls turning “lesbian” is a major one!
    (how, do you think you can all reject men…then start “loving” other girls…and NOT be held accountable for all that???)
    ALL women are meant to be with a man….and ALL men are meant to be with a woman!
    Break that, and I will blame you for it!

  69. Anonymous says:

    And SO WHAT if I’m not Singaporean???
    Singaporean people did NOT invent computers…but you are showing your new perversity off, on computers, on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!!!
    Hoping to curry support from the ‘international community’!
    And your new “gayness” and “lesbianism” is NOT Singaporean…you all got that from America, from the “Lword” etc etc!

    And, anyway, most of you are Chinese…and the Chinese are ONLY in Singapore because of the British!

    So, what, ignore any words of soul, courage, care, virtue, conscience and righteousness from elsewhere in the world…but, I’m sure if any foreign “gays” or “lesbians” chime in with words of glib ‘support’, and maybe suggestions of “hooking up”…that will be all “okay”?

    Your call for ignorance, speaks much about how terribly ignorant “homosexuality” and “lesbianism” always is!


  70. Anonymous says:

    SKOT.. your anger is sooo not christian. everyone else who’s written here seems more christian than you. what a shame.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Patrick…your whole new “LGBT” “lifestyle” IS degrading, and does degrade…everyone!

    So-called “LGBT” are NOT ‘always here’!
    The ONLY reason any people are here is because for ten’s of thousands of years WOMEN AND MEN loved, married, and had CHILDREN!
    There was a time, not long ago, when NONE of you were being “LGBT”.

    Simple truth…humanity could exist PERFECTLY well without anyone going “LGBT”.
    The crass, vain “LGBT” ‘scene’ CANNOT exist without the wider human community.

    There was a time when none of you were being “gay” or “lesbian”…and the time van come when you STOP committing these sins!

    You are all cold and indifferent…and when your sins are shown up, you DO react with hate!
    Your biased, vain, “same sex” “lifestyles” are the worst kind of hatred!

  72. Anonymous says:

    …Woman is meant to be with Man.
    Man is meant to be with Woman.
    The Yin and the Yang!

    Do you GET IT ??? !!!!!!

    Your whole “gay/lesbian” scene IS DEGRADING, for everyone.

    There will never be able to be any peace, as long as the vain, divisive, wasteful, insulting, offensive, hurtful, obnoxious, arrogant conceit, of “lgbt” ‘lifestyles’ goes on.
    NO peace!

    Peace is harmony.
    Peace is completion.
    Peace is Woman and Man, the way God meant for us!
    Only when we ALL get back to that, will there be genuine and abiding peace!


  73. Anonymous says:

    Poor SKOT. I feel very sorry for you, it must be hard to be so full of hate, to be unable to stop the way the world is changing, as people accept more and more that what matters is that you love, not who you love.

    But be careful SKOT, imagine if you got what you wanted and all the gay girls became straight. And you still didn’t get kissed. Who would you be able to blame then?! Much better to have lesbians to shoulder responsibility for all your problems…

  74. Anonymous says:

    ya.. poor SKOT. i will pray for you.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Dear SKOT,

    Does your religion preach hate? Does your religion say it’s okay to promote hatred?

    Did our saviour harbour rage and anger? Did He slam disbelievers? If He had done so, would people revere Him today?

    Why do you conduct yourself in way that puts others down? How do you expect others to see your point of view when you speak from a place of anger and hate?

  76. Anonymous says:


    Seriously, I think you’re a loser.
    It’s not for you to comment when people turn into lesbian or gay, that’s who they want to be, you are not some HOLY person or not to even say that you’re God to comment anything on them or whatsoever shit thing that you have been crapping around here.

    Girls rejected you and you think that they are lesbian, why not you just look into the mirror at yourself, and think about what went wrong instead of putting the blame on other people especially lesbian and gay. Get a life, seriously, unless you think you got the power of stopping some people in this world from turning gay, which I don’t think you will cos’ I think that you’re just a piece of crappy loser that live in the world of nothing but discrimination and desperation of wanting a girlfriend (maybe) to boost your ego. Just go buy a mannequin, I think the mannequin would rather turn into a lesbian after you trying to kiss her or hold her hand or something. HAHA! I think you’re just a saddist. Bye loser.


  77. meowlurve says:

    so what if i cant communicate properly? the only universal language is love. and you have none. you state that all LGBTs are cold and indifferent. you are the one that is cold and indifferent. I believe that everyone who attended the event is filled with love, you are not. I feel sad for you because you are filled with hatred. God bless you.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Hi SKOT,

    I am 39, female, and heterosexual.

    Just to share a little about a typical heterosexual-female’s behaviour. If a female considers a guy hitting on her as not her type, she will turn him down. If the guy does not get her hints (e.g. “I am busy” whenever he calls), she may verbalise it politely (e.g. “we can only be friends”). However, if the guy goes continues to hit on her or she really does not wish to be associated with him, a female desperate to get rid of the unwanted attention will grasp at anything to put him off. E.g. If the female knows that the guy’s ego rests on earning big bucks, she may let on that she earns more. Similarly, if a guy is absolutely against lesbians, she may claim to be lesbian just to shake him off. Thus, the ironic possibility of an anti-lesbian guy meeting more than his fair share of “lesbian” women.

    What does a heterosexual woman find attractive in a man? I do not claim to know for all women, but here are some attributes that I would personally look for. His ability to love. His fair treatment of his ex’s (i.e. do not badmouth his ex’s). His willingness to be accountable for his own conduct, aspirations, life choices and their results. His social grace when encountering others who are different from him and/or unacceptable to him.
    Jesus said, “Love your enemies”. How do your vitriolic posts on this blog reflect this teaching?

    Btw, I was there to support Pink Dot. I take it that you were not there to witness the many heterosexual supporters (family, friends, strangers) of the event. Lastly, unlike you, I do not see gays as reducing the available pool of eligible heterosexual males.

  79. Anonymous says:

    To the first ‘anonymous’, and her/his cold, vicious, inhuman indifference…yes, it is hard to be so full of hate, so people should stop doing hateable things!
    And yes, it is awful to be seeing the world change FOR THE WORSE!
    If all that matters is “that you love”, is incest alright?
    First of all, vain, shallow “same sex” “love” is NOT love!
    It matters who you love…men and women are created to love each other.
    And I do blame those females being “lesbians” for what THEY do!

    You should pray for yourself, and for all these perverted, arogant hedonists, ‘anonymous No2′…and it doesn’t need prayer, really, people should just STOP doing these things!

    And onto ‘anonymous No3′…so, “losers” are not admitted into the high ranks of how far this “inclusive” “pinkdot” “love” reaches?
    It is IS for me, or any other decent person to comment when people turn “gay” or “lesbian”!
    They have NO right to make this choice, which hurts so many, and damages so much.
    People’s vain ‘choices’ are NOT the be-all and end-all!
    I am a human being, on earth, and God wills that people warn others when they are doing wrong!
    I am obliged to comment, at the very least, about all this.

  80. Anonymous says:

    And, I suppose that when girls turn “lesbian” because they had a bad experience with a guy, that is “okay”?…all males can be blamed, and we can all be made to suffer?…what rubbish!

    This is NOT all about my personal situation (only “gays” and “lesbians” whittle life down to there own selfish, limited, vain fancies and desires!)…this is an issue of PRINCIPLE!

    You’re talking about the power to do something?
    But, hang on, the whole point of evil events such as “pinkdot”…is that you all now want to have the power to make the whole world ‘accept’ and ‘tolerate’ these perverse “lifestyles”!!!!!
    I have a little power, it’s called soul and conscience, that comes from the supreme power, God.
    And I will use that to counter the way you all are trying to change the world!
    People are turning “gay”, because of limited experiences, and because of the ‘power’ of a corrupting media.
    If people can arrogantly turn “gay” or “lesbian”…then they can be advised not to do this AND they CAN be turned back!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Really Vivian, what you wrote is just horrendous.
    That, is what is to make for such a great future?
    I may be a ‘loser’ at the moment…but how can I win at a game I am barred from playing?
    How can any decent man or woman actually ‘win’ today???

    “lesbianism”, and “homosexuality”, is the WORST form of discrimination.
    You, Vivian, are the sadist!

  82. Anonymous says:

    And finally, to the 39 year old (hey, same as me) Heterosexual Female.
    (why the need to write ‘heterosexual’?…see, you yourself have been tricked into believing that there are two kinds of women, on one side, good, balanced, heterosexual women…but, on the other, “lesbians”, who apparently do not have to love men, owe nothing to men, owe nothing to family and society, and are allegedly entitled to a care-free, easy, luxuriant ‘life’ beyond measure!
    And that is plain wrong!)
    All women are meant to be Heterosexual, as are ALL men.

    And, even though you think we might be closer, what you have said, your misguided new stance, your ‘support’ of these sinful “lifestyles’, makes you my enemy just as much as these “gays” and “lesbians”…it makes you just as much the enemy of truth and virtue.

    And again, I am sick of this ploy of having this enormously terrible issue being whittled down to my rejections.

  83. Anonymous says:

    That is NOT what this is all about!

    Seeing as how you cruelly bring up these things…how about more women get back to actually LOVING men, the way WE LOVE YOU ?!
    Instead of being so constantly quick to reject?
    And I have heard LOADS of different reasons for my being rejected, some almost ‘kind’ (they are just as bad)…but never the “lesbian” trick.
    Whenever ANY girl turns “lesbian” it is a rejection of me and ALL men !
    ALL those girls strutting around with arms around each other, kissing each other, showing off…showing themselves off all over “Herstory” and the hundreds of “lesbian” sites online, showing themselves and all their “girls” off on their blogs.
    ALL “lesbianism” is a callous, cold hearted rejection of me and ALL men!

    You talk about what you, and what other ‘Heterosexual’ women are looking for?
    The ability to love?
    My God…have you not been listening?
    I am overflowing with love…I am bursting with love.
    I LOVE!
    I am brimming with love…I am burning with love…the love pours out of me, I am Love!
    And because I Love so much I hurt so much over this!

  84. Anonymous says:

    I only have one ex-girlfriend, from when I was sixteen!
    And I have always thought about and cared for her…we have been speaking again on facebook recently.
    And even if I had ‘accrued’ more ex’s over the years, I wouldn’t say anything bad.

    Now, in regards these two issues…how come women can freely dish out painful and embarrassing rejections to men, without any consequence?
    It’s all part of their “right of refusal”..and men have to wear it, and accept it?
    Whereas, those now being “gays” or “lesbians” get to ‘cruise’ and ‘hook up’ with each other, at will…and even if a “lesbian” tries to ‘pick up’ a “straight” woman, then she’ll always be politely declined…and of course it’s a ‘compliment’ as well?
    (not always like this though, a very dear Singaporean friend of mine, in the Police, had to press harrassment charges against a “butch” who was hassling her).

    And why is all the vicious bad-mouthing of their many ex’s by “gays” and “lesbians” all ‘okay’?
    Just met withg a role of the eyes…because it’s all so ‘fabulous’ and ‘hot’?

  85. Anonymous says:

    I am ALWAYS willing to be held accountable for my conduct in life!
    For my ‘choices’, which are always good!
    And their results.
    My aspirations, and intentions.

    Why then, is the stock ‘party line’ now that ” NO-ONE IS ALLOWED TO JUDGE PEOPLE FOR THE CHOICE OF BEING GAY OR LESBIAN”???
    Why then, do these selfish, arrogant hedonists never have to be held accountable for the bad results of their bad choices????!!!

    I do have social grace…but that does NOT mean blanketly ‘accepting’ anything that comes along, just because it may be “different”!!!!
    The true grace is knowing right from wrong, and sticking to that, in spite of the “trends” that might come along.
    And how come you don’t take the vain people indulging in a “HOMO-sexual”, ie- “SAME sex” ‘lifestyle’, to task for not loving people who are ‘HETERO’, ie, DIFFERENT to them ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why be so graceful to people who are doing unacceptable things?
    What I am striving against here is unacceptable to God!
    Unacceptable to decent society.
    And is totally unacceptable to me, or any other good person.
    I will NOT be forced to accept the unacceptable!

    Jesus asked us to love our enemies…he did NOT condone what those enemies, who are the enemies of God, are doing!
    It was NOT about loving them while they arrogantly persist in evil, it was about loving the real them, and helping them get better.
    And for TOO LONG now people being “gay” and “lesbian” have cunningly counted on that ‘meek’ love as an excuse to keep getting away with things.
    Make no mistake, people being “gay” and “lesbianism” spew nothing bt vitriol…the WHOLE thing is vitriol.
    I have told the truth here.
    The TRUTH!

    Those Heterosexual people, and yourself, giving their “support” of the ‘lifetyle choices’ being paraded at “pinkdot”, and thus their tacit ‘approval’ to sin, depravity and disrepect…are making themselves enemies of God, and of virtue.
    They are traitors.
    Those so arrogant as to go ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ plunge the knife into my heart…you, have put your hand to it, and twisted it further.

    You plunge the knife into the heart of all decency.

    I love you, but this is NOT acceptable!
    At all!

  86. Anonymous says:

    I have written seven responses here on May 22nd, to all of your callous insensitivity.

    Please read them all!

    For, God grant me strength…

    …it takes a lot out of me!

    With, true, Love.


  87. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for showing your hatred Skot. It’s people like you who make us even resilient than ever.

  88. hm says:

    Yes, skot. its people like you who make us even stronger. no wonder you only had one gf ever since sixteen. you should reflect on yourself. not all woman turn crooked because of bad experiences from man. you cant control how people feel. you should really learn to love and accept things as it is. because you cant really do much. by commenting here wouldnt help. nothing will change. because it will only irritate people more, even straight people. life will be better for you if you stop being a stalker and stalker gays/lesbian websites. stop seeing what you dont like to see. may god bless you and make you a happier person.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Yes, skot. its people like you who make us even stronger. no wonder you only had one gf ever since sixteen. you should reflect on yourself. not all woman turn crooked because of bad experiences from man. you cant control how people feel. you should really learn to love and accept things as it is. because you cant really do much. by commenting here wouldnt help. nothing will change. because it will only irritate people more, even straight people. life will be better for you if you stop being a stalker and stalker gays/lesbian websites. stop seeing what you dont like to see. may god bless you and make you a happier person.


  90. Anonymous says:

    please SKOT, homosexuality was embraced in China way before there was civilisation in Australia. it was accepted in Asia before the bible was written. so don’t give us that crap. it is YOUR homophobia that is the american import. you are the victim of evangelical self-hatred. so please, save yourself.

  91. Anonymous says:

    thanks skot. ur comments are very insightful. it made me realise how much hate there is against gay people. i used to be indifferent. now i know.

    well done, pink dot! :)

  92. Anonymous says:

    Hi SKOT,

    You wrote: “All women are meant to be Heterosexual, as are ALL men.”You are entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to mine and I do not agree with your statement above.

    Continuing your hatred-filled posts will not erase the homosexual minority from the face of the earth. They are alive and here to stay, just like you are. IMHO, your posts show the lack of respectable research supporting your arguments and your mean-spiritedness.

    E.g. On May 19, 2009 5:08 PM, you wrote, “And, anyway, most of you are Chinese…and the Chinese are ONLY in Singapore because of the British!”Suggest that you read more about China’s history before you dump unfounded comments like above. If you have not heard of Cheng Ho, you have a lot of history to read up on. Here’s a link to bootstrap you.

    Personally, I have encountered less rudeness from the LGBTs than from religiously-driven zealots like you. Guess whose message and reasoning wins me over.

    OK, have to get back to my life.

    39, female, and heterosexual

  93. syida says:

    AWW… i had friggin work and inable to turn up.. but regardless, i will always support love, live, happiness and laughter…

    syidazz 20 lesbian

    p.s haters need love from us…

  94. Becca says:

    Skot seems to slowly be realising that it is nothing to do with vanity (eh?) and more to do with himself that he is without love… every woman in the whole world is too good for him and will remain so while be believes himself so superior.

    It makes me wonder why he is so afraid of all us 'other' non-straight people.

  95. Anonymous says:

    I just happen to pass by here while studying and SKOT's comments really disrupt my concentration. I'm non-straight and have been in hard times because there are so few people in my place who is non-straight, yet I don't blame them for being straight.

    Who would have "choose" to be non-straight anyway if we know we will face so much haters like him?

    Good job pinkdot and other supporters as well!

  96. Anonymous says:

    -yawns- SKOT… one word.. bore….

  97. Anonymous says:

    I'm not even Christian.. do I have to listen to another person's religious rantings to tell me who I should love and whom I shouldn't. I'm sorry… I prefer to be true to myself

  98. Anonymous says:

    im so sad…im a bisexual and i cant seem to be with someone whom i truly fancy. =( i even feel like ending my life already.

    – fresh grad from a local polytechnic

  99. Anonymous says:

    Becca, you arrogant so-and-so…"us" "non-straight people"????????????
    You still expect all the STILL STRAIGHT people to do ALL the hard work and keep the society running that you take for granted though
    The anonymous that is bored and yawning…SO WHAT…I am NOT here to provide you with entertainment!
    All of you have already indulged in WAY too much vulgar "excitement" anyway.

    And, to that second to last comment…so, if someone decides to be "true to themselves" as a 'paedophile', is that now "okay"?
    How about if people are "true to themselves" and their 'incestuous' feelings?, that's alright as well??????

    You ONLY go along with this "queer" shit because it is pushed as , and seems, so 'glamorous', so 'fabulous', so "exciting".
    God DOES severely condemn the sin of "homo – sexuality", and ALL religion confirms this.

    And to a fuckwit back there who had the blind audacity to say something about ancient Chinese civilisation "allowing" "homosexuality"…LIES!
    Ancient Chinese wisdom, the Yin and the Yang is about MALE and FEMALE, man and woman…in ancient China they used to SAW "homosexuals" and "lesbians" IN HALF!
    There may have been people did COMMIT "homosexuality" in China, as many lazy, vain, indulgent, spoiled people did in other civilisations…that does NOT make it right, that does NOT excuse.
    Family is THE CORE of Chinese society, as it is ALL human society.
    The callous, obnoxious, barren, perverted sin of "homo-sexuality" TOTALLY undermines family and society.
    DO NOT get tricked by the lies…ALL societies forbade and condemned "same sex" behaviour.
    And you KNOW that you have all gotten into this shit RECENTLY, and you should be DEEPLY ashamed of it.
    You want to mention ancient China?
    Confucius taught strongly about the benefits, both personally and socially, of SHAME!

    Every comment from all you brainwashed clones against me is rife with spite, and riddled with ignorance and arrogance.

    The so-called 'pink dot' is a BLACK SPOT upon humanity.


  100. Anonymous says:

    wow. so much effort. for what purpose??
    just a party for fun? :)
    would like to hear your guys' side of the story…i've heard some gays say they'd live the way the choose to, even without social recognition or what… but how come in such events it seems contradicting that gays are parading for social acceptance/ awareness?
    perhaps all of us do desire for acceptance regardless the strong front we may like to show.

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