We’re gearing up for Pink Dot #2

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and you can help by coming to our fundraising tea party

On 16 May 2009, a pink dot was formed on the little red dot of Singapore, when 2,500 fellow citizens turned up at Hong Lim Park to make a stand against prejudice and apathy. This year, it is our hope that this inspiring beacon of inclusiveness continue to shine – brighter and stronger than before.

You’re invited to our fundraiser

By purchasing tickets to the party, you’ll go some way towards helping us defray costs of staging Pink Dot this year. With entertainment provided by Hossan Leong, Emma Yong and Voguelicious, in a snazzy setting with luscious nibbles and refreshments courtesy of House, this fundraiser looks set to be a rollicking, fun-filled prelude to our main event in May.

So put on your party best (pink please) and bring all your bff’s (all shapes and shades are welcome). Let Pink Dot’s message of love ring even louder and clearer this year!

When: 3.30 to 6.30pm, 28 March 2010, Sunday
Where: House / Barracks Café, 8D Dempsey Road [map]
Wear: The colour of our IC

Tickets @ S$50, inclusive of drink and finger food, sponsored by House.

For queries, kindly email [email protected] or get in touch via our Facebook pages.


2 Tickets $100.00

3 Tickets $150.00

4 Tickets $200.00

5 Tickets $250.00

6 Tickets $300.00

7 Tickets $350.00

8 Tickets $400.00

9 Tickets $450.00

10 Tickets $500.00

2 Responses to “We’re gearing up for Pink Dot #2”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So happy that pink dot making a bigger comeback again this year 2010..still i dont think i going to come down for the event that i really wanna join…
    My prayer for PLUs that everyone are supporting each other despite their race,age,gender,looks,bod built,statues,and religions…
    Sad that normal society can accept each other without judging all those factors but some PLUs not.
    Thats why some of us still in closet just because even among us,they couldnt accept each other because of differences….
    Why some of them still turn up and support with fake faces masked..
    Isnt pinkdot.sg theme is support freedom to love…support each other in being gay and lesbian to other society in singapore…encourage them from the other society that been looking down at us and couldnt accept us…
    Not looking down among PLUs just because we are not hunk,beautiful,handsome,cute,muscular and etc…
    To the REAL Pinkdot.sg supporters with sincere heart and love…You know wat real love is and bring it out to others…continue supporting all of cuz all of us are specials among other society.
    To pinkdot.sg,My prayer to u that god bless all of us always with LOts of LOVE,CARE,SINCERITY….xxxUNFAMOUSAMONGUSxxx

  2. yongxiang01 says:

    yeah!! finally it here again~!!! been waiting for the Pink Dot to be form again!!! was there last year and soooo happy to see so many of PLUs are there to support the event!! i'm getting excited for this upcoming one!! =D

    Sad to say that due to work committment, i couldn't attend he fundraising tea party =( … but still will make a small donation to the event =) hopefully it'll be a great success this yr too!!

    update me on the actual Pink Dot day~ for that~ i'm so dead sure i'll not gonna miss it!!! So see u guys there and all my friends, bro and sis~ =D

    till then…tk care~~


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