Pink Dot is proud to announce our ambassadors, radio DJ Rosalyn Lee and actors Timothy Nga and Neo Swee Lin. Read on to find out why they support The Freedom To Love.

Timothy Nga
“I have very good friends who are gay and I don’t think they, or anyone else should have to say sorry to anyone for the way they are. Sometimes, we need to stand up for what we believe in, and yet, be open and inclusive. Pink Dot does that, and that is why I’m a part of it.”

Rosalyn Lee
“Here are a few things I feel very strongly about/believe in life: reform+second chances, inspiring the youth and finally the freedom to love.

I don’t believe in equal rights all the time (eg: how much one earns) but when it comes to the basic human emotion, to love, I feel that there should be no barriers. not religion, not nationality, race nor sexual orientation. And I’d use whatever influence I have, within my power, to share that with as many people as I can.”

Neo Swee Lin
“I chose to support Pink Dot because I believe in Love. That love is the only way to live our lives, and that the freedom to love belongs to all. Big Love. Love is all inclusive, with no limitations, no boundaries. I have lived abroad, but I chose to live here in Singapore now because it is MY country, where my family and friends are. I have too many gay friends and relatives who have left our shores simply because of the lack of tolerance. I hope with this simple and fun act of forming PINK DOT, we can begin the change we want to happen on our island. ”

Watch their video message HERE.