What is Pink Dot SG?

Pink Dot SG is the name of the organising group. It references the term, Red Dot, which is often used to describe Singapore.

Pink, instead of red, because it is the colour often associated with LGBT (think: pink dollar and pink feather boas) but more importantly, it is the colour of our national identity cards and it is what you get when you mix the colours of our national flag.

Why will Pink Dot 13 be held online this year?

Due to COVID-19, large scale public events cannot be held. Hence the event will be moved online on 12 June and will be accessible via pinkdot.sg and other social media channels (to be confirmed).

Where and at what time will we be 'forming Pink Dot'?

We will not be gathering to ‘form Pink Dot’ this year as we have done in previous years. Please do not go to Hong Lim Park!

Instead, sign up and leave your messages of support for the LGBTQ community at loveliveshere.pinkdot.sg. A digital map of Singapore glowing with pink dots accompanied by supportive messages will be unveiled during the livestream at pinkdot.sg.

Do I need to register to take part in Pink Dot online?

To be part of the first ever digital Pink Dot, sign up at loveliveshere.pinkdot.sg from now till 12 June, 9pm. You do not need to sign up to watch the livestream.

What's the livestream about?

It will feature short videos, performances, and culminate in the unveiling of a digital map of Singapore glowing with pink dots and supportive messages across the island. Expect to watch performances by homegrown artistes, short films and documentaries.

What time is the livestream on 12 June 2021? How can we watch it?

Tune in to pinkdot.sg from 8pm (GMT+8).

Can foreigners take part in this year's Pink Dot?

Everyone is welcome to take part in this year’s activities! Previous iterations of Pink Dot were held in Hong Lim Park, and as such were subject to the Public Order Act which only allowed Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents to participate. The activities for Pink Dot 13 are either online or in private spaces and hence are not subject to the Public Order Act. Everyone can light up their own private spaces. Think decorating your private spaces for your favourite holiday. You can light up your room, windows but not the common areas like the corridor. Remember, lighting up any common area and public spaces is not allowed. Everyone is welcome to sign up for our digital pink dot at loveliveshere.pinkdot.sg and watch our livestream on 12 June. These are ways we can come together as a community during these difficult times to be there for another.


Yes! The livestream is suitable for people of all ages.

But I am straight. Why should I light up / sign up / show up?

Many LGBTQ Singaporeans around you are not easy to identify. They may be amongst your sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, colleagues and bosses, teachers and schoolmates.

Though more LGBTQ individuals are slowly emerging into the mainstream, prejudice and bigotry in present societal attitudes keep many LGBTQ individuals from coming out of the closet. Many of them fear that in coming out, they might lose their family, friends and even their jobs. Yet, by not coming out, their lives are shrouded in secrecy.

We believe that relationships should be built on love, not fear and secrecy. Unfortunately, most LGBTQ individuals in Singapore are denied this basic freedom to be who they are in front of their loved ones.

When you take part in Pink Dot 13 by lighting up, signing up or show up for the online concert, you send a message to those around you that you accept and respect your LGBTQ friends and family. These actions may be small gestures, but it goes a long way.

Singapore is a largely conservative country. How can you organiSe such an event?

We love Singapore. This is our home and we believe that diversity is a cornerstone to our civil society.

We are aware that many people harbour much hatred towards the LGBTQ community. That is why such events are important. It serves to foster understanding, and through that, there is hope for trust and social cohesion.

Does this event go against my pro-family beliefs?

This is a pro-family event. LGBTQ individuals have got families too! However, familial relationships often get compromised due to a lack of understanding.

Through this event, we hope to get people thinking about the issues commonly faced by the LGBTQ community, both inside and outside of their families—issues that many Singaporeans take for granted.

We believe that an event like this can play an important part in promoting understanding and unity amongst family and friends.

What can I do to help?

You can light up, sign up at loveliveshere.pinkdot.sg or show up for the online concert at pinkdot.sg at 8pm on 12 June and encourage your friends and family to do the same!

Also, follow Pink Dot SG and Red Dot for Pink Dot on social media to receive the latest updates about Pink Dot SG, and possible volunteering and sponsorship opportunities after the social distancing measures are lifted.