Pink Dot supports Indignation!

Singapore's very own annual pride season happens for the fifth time! Art exhibitions, talks, film screenings, book launches, parties and forums all August! Click on the banner below for details.

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Aerial shots of PINK DOT

Here's an exclusive preview to some of the aerial shots taken during PINK DOT last Saturday. Do try to spot yourself, family or friends! We will be constantly updating this…

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Make a donation!

Pink Dot has been put together by a small group of individuals who have donated their time, expertise and dedication for a cause that they believe in. If you would…

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Make Your Own Pink Dot

Template & instructions Want to have your very own Pink Dot? Click on the image above to download (just right-click and choose "save as" after the image has loaded) the…

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Pink Dot’s new video

In this video, straight Singaporeans from different walks of life come together to talk about the LGBT people in their lives. Among the known faces are celebrity blogger Xiaxue, actress…

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Pink Dot FAQ

Pink Dot hears thee. She responds to questions and comments! Q: What is this Pink Dot?! A: Pink Dot is the name of the organizing group. It references the term,…

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Pink Dot’s campaign video

Our first campaign video is out!! Appearing in this video are Pink Dot's ambassadors: Rosalyn Lee, Neo Swee Lin and Timothy Nga. Music Track: Dreams of a Butterfly by Darren…

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Pledge your support for Pink Dot

Simply copy and paste these codes into your own blog or website to show your support for Pink Dot and the freedom to love. COUNTDOWN CLOCK <img class="mceItemMedia mceItemFlash" src=""…

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