Stay calm, be united and strong

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To Singapore’s LGBT Community and Friends,

Recent events have caused much grief to many of us. Issues surrounding being LGBT are once again cast in the limelight and being discussed in the media. Hateful words have been used, disinformation has been spread as fact, and our leaders’ positions do not appear to be evolving. While many of us are understandably hurt, even angered, by some insensitive comments that have been made, and there is fear that justice and equality may not prevail, it is important that we stay rational and keep calm.

There will be little to be gained from responding to vitriol with more vitriol. In the words of Gandhi, “Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.” Let us not devolve into the very image of the angry and intolerant, whose hearts and minds we ought to win over … Read More »

Statement in response to Section 377A

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For you who have read our quotes in today’s ST piece, this is the full statement that we issued. While we all have our differing opinions, we should also remember that healthy debate can only take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. Given that this is still a case pending a hearing in Court, we need to also respect the rule of law, and refrain from acts that will prejudice the case from being heard fairly.

WE RECOGNISE that the matter has been taken to the court, and we should let the law take its course. We understand the need to respect the sanctity of the Judiciary, and not undertake acts seen to pressure it, or prejudice a case that stands before it.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE that a society as pluralistic and diverse as ours will have a multitude of … Read More »