Ebi Shankara’s love for acting started when he joined his secondary school’s drama society and landed the title role in Hamlet for the Singapore Youth Festival 2003. His school won the Gold Medal for the performance and thus sealed his love for acting and drama.

After several impressive theatre stints with W!ld Rice and Buds Youth Theatre as well as regional presence at the ASEAN Youth Camp and representing NAFA in Short & Sweet Australia, Shankara’s big break came when he became the youngest winner at 19 years old to win the Vasantham Star show.

He is also currently also the Artistic Director of Ravindran Drama Group Company.

As a Pink Dot ambassador this year, Ebi hopes to communicate that education is way to evolve and change societal views. He believes that this is the way towards a more inclusive society.

“In my teenage years, the common reaction to ‘people who act differently’ was ‘oh, it’s a choice. They’re making a choice. He wants to be like that’.

You don’t lose by loving, caring or giving. So I think that’s what’s really important. And that’s what we should advocate and educate people on. I think educating people is the most important thing to create a world that understands true inclusivity.

Singapore is starting to listen and I think that is a good start and a good step forward. While there are still people who are not that open, let us move forward for a more inclusive society, one that all of us will be happy to live in.”