Terming themselves the ‘Founding Prince and Princess of Singapore’s YouTube scene’, the hilariously wacky duo comprising Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie are an internet force to be reckoned with.

With a YouTube channel already boasting nearly 120,000 subscribers and exceeding 24 million views, Munah & Hirzi are outspoken in their opinions, and often use their unique brand of humour, wit and shameless chutzpah to address issues of the day. The effervescent pair feel that people can only begin to embrace their own sexual orientation or gender identity when they feel that they have support.

“The LGBT issue in Singapore is still not openly discussed; it’s still something many people choose not to discuss or share. And where there isn’t such communication going on, people just think it’s a taboo topic to talk about, and therefore a taboo topic to accept,” said Hirzi.

The duo, who have always supported Pink Dot since its early days, got motivated to step up after a meet- and-greet session with young fans late last year. What was meant to be a very casual and fun conversation turned into a heartfelt sharing of experiences. One fan shared her own personal struggles with coming to terms with her sexual orientation, and it was this particular encounter that inspired them to approach Pink Dot.

Munah said, “There we were, complete strangers to this group of people who so candidly opened their lives to us by sharing their stories, they’ve really changed our minds about why we do what we do. That was why we decided to work with Pink Dot this year: we wanted to step up to show people that we are here to support them, to make a stand and do what we can to help the community.”