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Oogachaga is hosting My Family Matters: An Afternoon with Parents & Loved Ones of LGBTQ+ family members, co-hosted by SAFE Singapore, Inter-University LGBTQ Network, Free Community Church and Pink Dot. This event is for family members – parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or loved one of a family member who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or nonbinary (LGBTQ+).

The family tea will be held on 2nd July 2023, Sunday, 3-5pm. Venue will be disclosed only to confirmed participants.

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Prout is currently in the process of creating our web-app that consists of LGBTQ-affirming service providers to help meet critical needs of the LGBTQ community in the following areas: Legal, Healthcare, Jobs and Housing. The app is free for service providers to list their services and for community use. The app will be launched around June 2023.

If you are a service provider keen to create a listing in one of the following areas, please use the links below, we will reach out to the service providers on our end to verify the listings:

Separately, Prout Hearts is also back in time for June to help the various community groups in Singapore! This is a volunteer matching initiative that assigns interested volunteers in Singapore with relevant interests and skills to the different LGBTQ+ groups to help with their programs and events.

If you are looking to volunteer and help out, use this form:

Proud Parents

ProudParents SG is founded and run by a group of queer parents. It aims to be an inclusive online resource that celebrates all families, while increasing the visibility of all family types and fostering acceptance of all routes to parenthood in Singapore.

We hope to create a kinder society where our children can feel safe, secure and accepted. We aim to create visibility and awareness that LGBTQ+ families do exist in Singapore, provide information resource for individuals or couples who intend to start their own family, form a support network for new & existing queer families through community groups, events & outreach programs, and to bring attention to issues that hinder our ability to raise our children in Singapore such as laws affecting adoption & citizenship, educational & housing policies, dealing with social stigmas & harassment, access to relevant information.

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Besides running our usual befriending services, we have initiated a group sharing session called TransNB Friends where more trans and non-binary youths can get together and share anything from their transitioning journey to their favorite foods.

In collaboration with TransgenderSG, we will conduct the largest survey on the local transgender community to identify hurdles faced in healthcare, education, and employment.

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Same But Different Legal Guidebook

Same But Different maintains a website that explains how the law affects LGBTQ people living in Singapore, organises talks for the LGBTQ community, does DEI outreach to companies and maintains a directory of LGBTQ-inclusive lawyers.

Same But Different will be doing 2 talks this Pride season. The first is a talk organised in collaboration with Prout, which will be held on 28 June 2023 at 8pm, and the second is a legal stand up comedy event held on 2 July 2023. We are also in the midst of revamping the website.

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