In order to build a more inclusive Singapore, we invite all individuals and businesses to take a stand against discrimination of LGBTQ persons in our society.

For Individuals

Take a stand by joining us in Hong Lim Park on 29 June. Learn about ways you can help bring an end to discrimination against the diverse LGBTQ communities in Singapore by subscribing to our mailing list, following us on Instagram or Facebook.

For Businesses

Take a stand by pledging that all employees, jobseekers and customers are welcome regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. We call on all companies in Singapore – large and small – to register as an inclusive company with Be Inclusive.

Be Inclusive is a local social enterprise who operates a registry of inclusive companies in Singapore in conjunction with Action for Aids, Disabled People’s Association, Pink Fest and other community groups.

By taking the Inclusive Business Pledge, your company will join the ranks of other companies who recognise inclusion as a strength, attract top talent, reach customers and investors who increasingly expect companies to be inclusive. Together we make Singapore a more inclusive place for future generations. Learn more about the pledge here.