First Night Pink Dot lights up Hong Lim Park

Fourth Pink Dot outshines previous records, with over 15,000 Singaporeans coming together in a dramatic spectacle of glowing torches, light sticks and mobile phones to celebrate the freedom to love

Singapore, June 30, 2012 – Tonight, over 15,000 Singaporeans turned Hong Lim Park into a sea of shimmering pink lights, for the first-ever night Pink Dot. For the fourth time since 2009, thousands of straight and LGBT Singaporeans came together to celebrate inclusiveness, diversity and the freedom to love, with the formation of a giant Pink Dot in Speakers’ Corner. This was a 50% increase over last year’s number, continuing a four year trend of growth.

An annual event that aims to raise awareness and foster deeper understanding of the basic human need to love and be loved, regardless of one’s sexual orientation, Pink Dot has become one of the most visible and well known events for inclusiveness and diversity in Singapore. It has inspired similar events around the world and has helped bring together Singaporeans in a way that promotes love without antagonism.

Pink Dot spokesperson Paerin Choa said: “Each year, thousands of Singaporeans come together to affirm their support for inclusivity and diversity, and it is a humbling experience to see the number of participants increasing and that so many are supportive friends and families of LGBT individuals.”

“Each Pink Dot, we hear many stories of how the event has brought families and friends closer together, and helped LGBT people feel positive about their sexuality or gender identity. This is extremely encouraging and it is Pink Dot’s goal to engender an appreciation of Singapore’s diversity – regardless of race, language, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Prior to the formation of Pink Dot, participants were treated to a line-up of some of Singapore’s favourite celebrities during the Pink Dot 2012 Concert and addresses were made by Pink Dot 2012’s ambassadors, actor Lim Yu Beng, comedian Kumar, and former TV-personality-turned-resident-faghag Sharon Au.

“Straight people take family support for granted yet this may not be possible for many LGBT individuals,” said Sharon Au, Pink Dot 2012 ambassador. “Imagine living in isolation, and not being able to share their pains, sorrows, hopes and aspiration. That is the reality of many LGBT people in Singapore, and I encourage Singaporeans to break through this barrier to their LGBT friends and family members, and to show that you support their freedom to love.”

“They may live in fear of your disapproval, even though you are already aware and are just waiting for them to open up. Take that first move, reach out and show that you care and love them without prejudice.”

In 2009, the inaugural Pink Dot was attended by 2,500 people. In 2010, this figure nearly doubled, to 4,000, and in 2011, more than 10,000 people came out in support of the freedom to love.

“This is a beautiful, glowing Pink Dot but we need to go a step further beyond tonight and take this glow with us when we leave,” said Actor Lim Yu Beng, Pink Dot 2012 ambassador. “We need to love ourselves, love each other, and love the community we are going back into. Because as long as discrimination and prejudice, media censorship or 377A are around, we know that there’s still a lot to be done in this society.”

“However, we can fight fear and ignorance with love and acceptance, because every light we shine, every piece of ground we stand on, helps shade and fill in the gaps in this beautiful red and white we live on.”

Pink Dot 2012 was held at Hong Lim Park on June 30th, and pictures and videos of the Pink Dot formation, celebrations and participants are available at the below links.





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