Singapore, 29 May 2024 – Pink Dot, Singapore’s leading LGBTQ+ movement, invites Singaporeans and Permanent Residents back to Hong Lim Park on 29 June 2024 to take a stand for a future where no one is left behind.

The sixteenth edition of the event seeks to highlight the ways LGBTQ+ people continue to experience marginalisation and discrimination in post-repeal Singapore. Against the backdrop of national conversations about building a more inclusive society, the question of whether LGBTQ+ Singaporeans will ever have a place in this vision of the future remains.

“During this period of change and transition, we look to our leaders and their promises for what lies ahead. They have staked the future of this country on a vision where everyone in society benefits, not just a few” said Pink Dot SG Spokesperson, Clement Tan. “We share that same vision, and want to build a society where marginalised communities are better cared for and have a real shot at achieving their ‘Singapore dream’. LGBTQ+ people matter too, and our leaders should bear in mind as they lead the country forward, not to leave us behind yet again.” 

Left behind at every stage of life

Whilst repealing Section 377A was a significant milestone, there is much work ahead to address the various forms of marginalisation LGBTQ+ individuals continue to face throughout every stage of their lives. This includes being subjected to harassment and harms, and being persistently shut out of certain rights and protections that other Singaporeans take for granted.

To showcase this, Pink Dot will be releasing three videos, directed by filmmaker Sally Lee, featuring everyday Singaporeans meeting for the first time to candidly discuss different aspects of LGBTQ+ life here. In the first video released today, four pairs of strangers discuss their experiences growing up in Singapore, where they either felt unsafe or that they did not belong. Two other videos – on love and relationships, and on ageing and dreams for the future – will be released on Pink Dot’s social media channels over the coming weeks.

In a panel discussion at the Pink Dot launch, LGBTQ+ panellists of diverse backgrounds swapped stories about their challenges and hopes for change. Trans youth Bhuvan Daniel shared his experiences transitioning in a challenging school environment, while Shania Saudah spoke about her struggles with homelessness and job insecurity during her transition journey as an adult. Peer support group facilitator Charles Ho described common anxieties amongst older LGBTQ+ persons, including around access to affirming healthcare. 

Panel discussion at the Pink Dot launch on 29 May 2024. Photo: Pink Dot

“Many policies, laws and institutions in Singapore overlook or actively exclude LGBTQ+ people and families from areas of life that other Singaporeans take for granted,” said family lawyer Bozy Lu. “This creates additional legal hurdles or social barriers that can increase vulnerability, precarity and experiences of trauma at all stages of life, especially during major life events such as joblessness, serious illness, or death of a life partner. Many of my LGBTQ+ clients find it more challenging to plan for the future as a result.”

Letters to Singapore’s new Prime Minister

In addition to mainstays such as the community tents, rally speeches, and a light-up finale, this year’s Hong Lim Park event will also invite participants to pen personal messages to Singapore’s new Prime Minister, Lawrence Wong. Through these messages, participants will be asked to share their hopes for a more inclusive Singapore for LGBTQ+ people.

“Repeal showed us that change is indeed possible, as long as the community continues to show up and speak out. We urge the public and our leaders to hear what we have to say, and to address our most urgent concerns. LGBTQ+ people need to be assured that they have a future in Singapore that is worth staying and fighting for,” said Tan.

Join Us at Pink Dot 16

Pink Dot invites the public to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, and make their voices heard for a more inclusive Singapore:

  • Come with your loved ones (in pink!) on June 29 at Hong Lim Park from 3.30pm (Concert starts at 5.30pm, finishing off with a night formation at 7.15pm). Call for change by penning your message to Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.
  • Watch and share our three campaign videos, the first of which can be found here. Follow our social media channels as we release more videos in coming weeks.
  • Learn, engage, and advocate for the necessary changes to address the marginalisation of LGBTQ+ individuals in Singapore, and to build a more inclusive Singapore.
  • Consider being an individual or corporate sponsor as part of our Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign. Visit for more information. 

For more information, please contact [email protected]