Thasha (second from right) and friends

Pink Dot 10: Woke in Progress
Remember the petition to lower the rating of Love, Simon that went viral? Meet Thasha, the teenager who got the ball rolling when an innocuous coming-of-age rom-com that she and her friends were looking forward to catch was rated R21. [Click here to watch]

About the director
Christopher Khor is a filmmaker with a particular focus on documentary, telling ordinary people’s extraordinary stories. He hopes to educate the public about transgender people, while empowering the transgender community with information and resources that would help them lead their best lives. He is currently a member of, an online portal with Singapore-specific information on transition.


Sam and Dolly (right)

Pink Dot 10: Building Bridges
Stalwart straight supporters, the mother and daughter team of Dolly and Sam, have been tireless volunteers at Pink Dot for a long time. Find out the reasons that keep them coming back year after year, and what their hopes are for both the straight and LGBTQ communities.

About the director
Quen Wong is a producer, writer and director of documentary films, which include Power And Piety: The Hellfire Nation (a film essay on the role of religion in American politics), and Undercover Asia: Treatment Or Torture (an investigation into human rights abuses in drug rehab centres across Cambodia). By night, Quen is a standup comedian on the open-mic circuit who is working towards starring in her own Netflix Special!



Pink Dot 10: Home Truths
What is it like to grow up grappling with gender in a Malay Muslim family, and to live and love as a human being confronting mortality? Listen to the story of how Faiz is making every moment of life count.

About the director
He Shuming is a screenwriter and director who has worked on various Pink Dot videos over the last 10 years, with the short documentary in 2016’s campaign featuring AJ and his mother Honey Bee being a particular highlight. His recent work includes a music video for Singapore getai legend and Pink Dot 2016 ambassador Liu Ling Ling and a segment in the Chinese-dialect anthology film 667 (2017). He is currently working on his first full-length feature, Ajoomma.