Last year, 120 local companies stepped forward to support Pink Dot when 13 multinational companies were told they could no longer do so following an amendment of rules (pertaining to Speakers’ Corner where Pink Dot is held) which bars foreign-owned companies from sponsoring events held at Speakers’ Corner without a permit.

The 2018 campaign to support Pink Dot — celebrating its 10th edition this year — hopes to see even more companies from our Little Red Dot to join in and be a part of the movement that’s helping our society progress to be more open, understanding and inclusive.

Helmed again by Darius Cheung (CEO of and joined by Ho Kwon Ping (Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings), Adrianna Tan (Founder of Wobe), Royston Tay (Founder of Zopim), Goh Yiping (Venture Partner, Quest Ventures), and Mohan Belani (Founder of e27), the Red Dot For Pink Dot campaign continues in its aim to be the platform for Singapore business leaders across all industries to lend their support towards inclusion and diversity in Singapore.

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