A message from Darius Cheng, CEO of 99.co on, on setting up and leading the Red Dot for Pink Dot sponsorship drive. Visit reddotforpinkdot.com for more info.

by Darius Cheung

This year, we celebrate the landmark 10th edition of Pink Dot. But the road has never been easy and organisers continue facing challenges in their aim of supporting the Freedom to Love. The movement’s ongoing success has always been credited to the people who work tirelessly to support the cause, who contribute time, money and experience to shaping it into what it is today, and who come out in droves to participate in the event at Hong Lim Park.

Likewise, people have always been the most important thing to us at 99.co. Our business is centred
around fulfilling the fundamental human need to find a home, and we built a workplace free from discrimination so that everyone can be the best versions of themselves at work. We firmly believe that this open-mindedness and inclusion can only better us as a nation.

It is with this belief that we set up the Red Dot for Pink Dot sponsorship drive in 2017, calling on corporate Singapore to sponsor the event, and take a stand for inclusion and diversity. I was very heartened that 120 of our local companies came forward – the response was phenomenal and sent a strong statement that Singapore companies, like their multinational brethren, do care about building a more inclusive and accepting Singapore.

But this small win does not change the fact that the road remains long. Inequality and discrimination against LGBT people still persist. Recently, we saw a gay dad’s bid to adopt his own biological son fail, and we also heard news that the Registry of Marriages annulled a transgender couple’s marriage. Many LGBT people call Singapore home, and we hope that one day, Singapore will truly be a home for everyone.

To my colleagues and friends in corporate Singapore, I hope you will join me and our past sponsors to help spread Pink Dot’s message of inclusion and acceptance, and take a stand against discrimination, prejudice, fear and ignorance.

Darius Cheung
CEO, 99.co