Pink Dot 10 marks a milestone tenth edition of Singapore’s largest LGBT-affirming event. To commemorate this milestone, we invite the community to come forward to celebrate the Freedom to Love in their own, special way.

Presenting PinkFest – a festival of reflection, collaboration and jubilation, connecting the dots that make up our diverse, colourful society. Curated by acclaimed creative agency, Untitled Collective, PinkFest aims to be an expression of love, from the Community, by the Community.

PinkFest can be as fun, wacky, engaging, heartfelt, moving, reflective or insane as you can make it. It is a showcase opportunity for creative minds, small businesses, artistic practitioners and performers, and an avenue to engage with old friends and make many new ones. It can be a flea market, artistic open house, panel discussion, art installation – or something awesome no one has ever seen before!

As a PinkFest activity organiser – or PinkPartner – this is the opportunity to realise your vision to bring the community – LGBT and straight – together in exciting and meaningful ways. Pink Dot will also provide support through marketing via its social media platforms, with access to a collective 100,000 followers.

For more details about how to send us a proposal, visit The closing date for proposal submission is 30 April 2018.