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Singapore, 7 May 2015 – Pink Dot SG, the annual rally to support the Freedom to Love regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, kicks off the countdown to its seventh consecutive year at Hong Lim Park with this year’s Ambassadors, Corporate Sponsors, 2015 Campaign Video, and a fresh line-up for the Pink Dot Concert.

This year, Pink Dot would like to invite the community to reflect on the progress that has been made towards dispelling the discrimination and prejudice that face lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, as well as the many challenges that still remain. In celebrating the capacity for love which lives within Singapore as well as all Singaporeans, Pink Dot aims to help build a kinder and more inclusive Singapore. Leading these year’s efforts are the Ambassadors for Pink Dot 2015: Patricia Mok, Daren Tan, as well as Munah and Hirzi.

Patricia Mok is one of the most easily recognisable faces in Singapore, with her various appearances in Singaporean movie, television and theatre productions making her a household name.

Many Singaporeans will recognise Daren Tan as the winner of the second season of Project Superstar. Since then, he has gone on to debut his solo album Regardless, and has performed in local productions such as That Girl in Pinafore, Mata Mata and Koji Cooks.

Last but not least, the comedic duo Munah and Hirzi shine brightly as two of Singapore’s most prolific YouTube stars, with their hilarious videos having garnered more than 24 million views as well as a loyal following of nearly 120,000 subscribers on their YouTube Channel so far.

With the ambassadors, Pink Dot also welcomes three new sponsors to its list of corporate supporters this year, all of which are media powerhouses. Local entertainment giant Cathay Organisation, popular social media platform Twitter, as well as global business and financial information and news leader Bloomberg, join returning sponsors Google, Barclays, J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BP, and The Gunnery. This marks a new record in the number of corporate brands publicly declaring their support for the Freedom to Love, and all of them are committed to helping to increase society’s understanding and social acceptance of LGBT people.

In addition to this, Pink Dot unveiled its 2015 campaign video, directed by acclaimed Singaporean filmmaker,

Boo Junfeng. The video pays tribute to the efforts of the tireless advocates and activists that have contributed to the LGBT community in Singapore in their own unique ways, as well as the resilience of the entire community. Despite the many legal setbacks that have been thrown at the LGBT community, the video hopes to help inspire everyone to stay strong and continue their efforts to make Singapore a loving and inclusive home for all.

On the day of Pink Dot itself, the annual Pink Dot Concert is set to please the crowd with its line-up of talents this year. Dance groups Dirt Boyz and Plus Point will fire things up with their incredible dance moves, while singers Gentle Bones and Inch Chua will entertain with their soulful solo vocal performances. Pink Dot 2015 Ambassadors Daren Tan, as well as Munah & Hirzi, will join in to dazzle the audience with their own wildly entertaining performances.

As part of Pink Dot’s efforts to build a community support network and inform the public about LGBT issues, its iconic Community Tent will once again become a focal point for various LGBT and LGBT-friendly organisations. The Community Voices segment also makes its return after its 2014 debut, where members of the LGBT community and its straight allies are invited to speak about LGBT topics. Each year sees Pink Dot growing ever larger, and in the process continually setting records for the number of people gathered at Hong Lim Park. Learning from previous years, organisers have re-worked the layout of the event space and proceedings to ensure optimal movement and comfort.

As always, the event will culminate with the formation of the giant human pink dot, as its thousands of participants gather together in a show of solidarity and love. Taking place after sunset, attendees are invited to bring their pink torches to the event and light them up at the same time, making a heartfelt demonstration of inclusiveness while chasing away the shadows of fear and ignorance that drive the prejudice against the LGBT community.

Lastly, as part of its community outreach efforts, Pink Dot has also launched a social media campaign in partnership with local internet start-up, The public are invited to upload to their website, photos of themselves making a heart-shaped hand sign with the hashtag #WhereLoveLivesSg in solidarity with the movement.

Paerin Choa, Pink Dot SG spokesperson said, “As Singapore enters a period of reflection about how far it has come and where it will go from here, we would like to present Pink Dot 2015 as an opportunity for all to contemplate the same about the LGBT community here. While there have been positive steps forward towards a more equal and inclusive society, it is also undeniable that the LGBT community still faces many challenges in terms of acceptance. We would like Pink Dot to continue to be a beacon of hope for the future, as well as a call to action for everyone to do their part in making Singapore a loving home for all.”

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