From the bottom of our pink hearts 💓, thank you to all our 91 corporate sponsors and 48 individual sponsors of Pink Dot 15. Despite these uncertain economic times, you stepped forward to support us, and this year’s message… to CELEBRATE ALL FAMILIES.

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Chua Ee Min
Ho Family – Claire Chiang, Ho Kwon Ping, Ho Ren Hua, Ho Ren Yung & Ho Ren Chun
Khir Johari & Lam Chih Tsung
Ng Choong-San
Rachel and Eve Tantay
Anchit & Deepanshi’s Big Pink Bash
Clarence Singam – Sometimes Light
Drs Etienne & Vincent
KC Lye
Dr Rohan Mendis
Lynette Ong
Aaron Yip
Amanullah Khan
Dorcas Tan
Emily Hwang
Ian & Anj Choo
Ivan Heng
Dr Jeremiah Pereira
Kaan Sheung Kin
Kathy Teo
Lynn Yeo
Mel & Mel
Ngiam & Tan
Nicholas Deroose
Siew Kum Hong
Syed Munir Alhamid
Tripti Lochan
A gift in memory of Jaynt K Mohinani
Adrian Lim
Amelia Lee
Daniel Yun & Willi Ching
David Heng & Daniel Lim
Desiree Jane Silva
Eileen Wong
Enrico Budianto
Eve Chow
Henrietta Tan
Janice Hwang
Jean Illyria
Jennifer M S Lee
Karenne Tun
Mandy Chan
Michelle Law
Monica Low
Mylvaganam-Tay family
Tony Chen
Valerie Koh
Wee Sing An