Views from our Balloon Cam

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We had our cameras (with super duper lenses) all set at the vantage point for the aerial photo of Pink Dot 2010. But then a day before the event, we wondered what sorts of images we could capture if we simply attached a camera to one of our mega (36-inch) balloons?

It was no easy feat. The engineer among our midst did some calculations – it would take 3-4 big balloons to lift that 200g Canon compact camera high enough to capture Pink Dot in its entirety (around 20-storeys high).

We weren’t ready to go all the way with this experiment (should our army black tape fail us, the camera will seriously injure someone; not to mention, we’d be out of a perfectly good camera) and so, we went with just two balloons – enough to lift BalloonCamTM to a 5-storey height.

The … Read More »

Pink Dot 2010: From the heart

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Press Release: Hong Lim Park becomes a sea of Pink, with over 4,000 turning up for Pink Dot 2010

Singapore, May 15, 2010 – Over 4,000 pink-attired people gathered at Hong Lim Park today at 6pm to form a giant pink dot in a show of support for inclusiveness, diversity and the freedom to love. This makes Pink Dot 2010 the largest public gathering ever seen at the Speakers’ Corner since its opening in 2000, and is nearly twice the number of people who turned up at last year’s event.

The milestone event, held for the second time here, is organised by a group of local volunteers and aims to raise awareness and foster deeper understanding of the basic human need to love and be loved, regardless of one’s sexual orientation. This year’s theme is family, and the peaceful event was attended … Read More »

Thank you, 4,000 of you!

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Come make Pink Dot 2010; Come make history!

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Get your tops, umbrellas, hats, socks and wigs out! We’re a matter of just hours away from Pink Dot 2010!

Last year, 2500 Singaporeans turned up for Pink Dot, making it the largest gathering ever recorded at Hong Lim Park in Singapore’s history. Come join us this year to break that record, and to show your support for the Freedom to Love.

But before we gather to celebrate our year of the Family at Hong Lim Park this Saturday, here’s a look back at the 2010 campaign so far.
In February, we announced the date and the theme of the year – Family; and then in March, we introduced our ambassadors for Pink Dot 2010:

“I think Pink Dot helps to cast aside prejudices, and I think if we can get people to open up their hearts to their loved ones, it would be … Read More »

You ask, we answer!

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We’re just days away from the event!!! There are lots in store this year and we are hopeful that our friends, straight and gay, will join us in our celebration of the Family. Meanwhile, here are some responses to the questions we’ve been getting:

Q: How is Pink Dot 2010 different from Pink Dot 2009?

A: Pink Dot 2009 was the first platform where citizens could show, publicly, their support for LGBT family members and friends. Pink Dot 2010 takes our core message – to celebrate the Freedom to Love – a step further with a special focus on love within families.

Q: Will the event be exactly like last year?

A: Not exactly. Thanks to the love and generosity of our supporters, we are aiming to take the Freedom to … Read More »

Stepping forward to support families

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Pink Dot is happening this Saturday! Join our ambassadors and the families featured in our videos to support every Singaporean’s freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation. Please note that our programme will start on time, i.e. 5pm, so it may be a good idea to come a little earlier.

5 to 6.30pm, 15 May 2010 (Sat)
Hong Lim Park
What to wear:
Anything pink
What to bring:
Family, friends, pets, picnic mats, your own food and refreshment, a fan to cool yourself if it’s a hot day, an umbrella (pink please!) if it rains
Who will be there:
Adrian Pang, Tan Kheng Hua, DJ Big Kid, and more
What to expect:
Performances, fun and freebies (first-come-first-served), the mass formation of a heart and dot, of which aerial photos will be taken

Let’s make #PinkDot a Twitter trending topic on May 15th as well! Spread the word to your followers, and … Read More »

Brother to brother: Standing by your family through the tough times

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Two brothers; two years apart. One is a man of the arts; one is studying political science. One is an introvert; the other is an extrovert. One is straight; one is gay. Meet Joel and Joey Kang, 22 and 24, both undergraduates at a local university.

However, the one thing these two brothers have in common is their love and appreciation for family. Despite their different interests, they both love each other fiercely for whom they are. Joey, the elder of the two, describes how he first realised his younger brother is gay: “I wouldn’t say that there were instances when I expected anything. Growing up, I didn’t have any suspicion or inkling he is gay.

“He had this friend who started staying over for extended periods of time. After a while, I started to suspect that there was … Read More »