Pink Dot is happening this Saturday! Join our ambassadors and the families featured in our videos to support every Singaporean’s freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation. Please note that our programme will start on time, i.e. 5pm, so it may be a good idea to come a little earlier.

5 to 6.30pm, 15 May 2010 (Sat)
Hong Lim Park
What to wear:
Anything pink
What to bring:
Family, friends, pets, picnic mats, your own food and refreshment, a fan to cool yourself if it’s a hot day, an umbrella (pink please!) if it rains
Who will be there:
Adrian Pang, Tan Kheng Hua, DJ Big Kid, and more
What to expect:
Performances, fun and freebies (first-come-first-served), the mass formation of a heart and dot, of which aerial photos will be taken

Let’s make #PinkDot a Twitter trending topic on May 15th as well! Spread the word to your followers, and get them to spread it to theirs 🙂