More Than 15,000 Singaporeans at Pink Dot 2012!

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First Night Pink Dot lights up Hong Lim Park

Fourth Pink Dot outshines previous records, with over 15,000 Singaporeans coming together in a dramatic spectacle of glowing torches, light sticks and mobile phones to celebrate the freedom to love

Singapore, June 30, 2012 – Tonight, over 15,000 Singaporeans turned Hong Lim Park into a sea of shimmering pink lights, for the first-ever night Pink Dot. For the fourth time since 2009, thousands of straight and LGBT Singaporeans came together to celebrate inclusiveness, diversity and the freedom to love, with the formation of a giant Pink Dot in Speakers’ Corner. This was a 50% increase over last year’s number, continuing a four year trend of growth.

An annual event that aims to raise awareness and foster deeper understanding of the basic human need to love and … Read More »

Tomorrow’s the Day!

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One more day to Pink Dot 2012!

Got your PINK outfit ready? Don’t forget to bring your Pink Torch and pack your picnic baskets! This is the fourth year that Singaporeans and PRs are coming to form the Pink Dot in support of the freedom to love – and we are all so excited about tomorrow!

The Pink Dot Concert kicks off at 630pm with performances from T’ang Quartet, Jack & Rai, Pink Dot Ambassadors Kumar, Sharon Au and Lim Yu-Beng, King Kong Jane, Pam Oei, and the cast of La Cage Aux Folles! Then, as day turns to dusk, the crowd will gather to form the pink dot. (To our foreign friends, we are sorry, but according to the park’s rules and regulations we have to invite you to the observation deck at this point.)

This is the first time Pink Dot is … Read More »

Community Groups

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It’s the people that make a home. Since last year, Pink Dot has welcomed LGBT-friendly groups in Singapore to Hong Lim Park to make one big happy family. This Saturday, we have 19 societies gathered under one roof. Most of these groups are run by volunteers who give their time and energy to making the world a better, warmer place. Meet them, say hello – and give them a big ol’ hug for being such wonderful people.




Founded in 2008, 5Degrees is a not-for-profit networking group for LGBTQ professionals to network, exchange ideas and tap into potential career and business opportunities. Through regular workshops, networking sessions and discussion groups, 5Degrees seeks to nurture a conducive business environment for LGBTQ-friendly individuals, organisations and enterprises. 5Degrees also organizes special projects and charity initiatives in aid of the LGBTQ community.



Action for AIDS

Action for AIDS aims … Read More »


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by Ho Kwon Ping

The words “some day” resonate with many people of my generation. They were the final words of the refrain from the song “We Shall Overcome” which marked the civil rights movement of America in the 1960’s and ‘70s. As a wide-eyed freshman in the US I attended student rallies and demonstrations, and I still recall the poignant, hopeful idealism of many young people, black and white, as they sang, arms linked and waiting for that “some day”.

For my parents’ generation, “some day” was a longing for a future when they would control their own destinies free from colonial masters; for freedom from poverty, hunger, illiteracy. The PAP when it came to power delivered on all its promises – and more – and “some day” became today. Basic civil rights – equality of gender, race, and religion … Read More »

Our Guide to Making Your Very Own Pink Torch!

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All set for Pink Dot next Saturday? The team has drawn up a nifty guide to making your very own pink torch!

1. With white LED torch light
LED torchlights can be bought at places like Daiso, Army Market, Home-Fix, NTUC, 7-11, etc.

Pink cellophane paper can be bought at stationery shops like Popular ($1.80), Art Friend, Spotlight, etc. Remember to check that the light created by the cellophane paper is really pink, by testing with your phone’s LED light or by bringing your torchlight along.

Either cut a small piece of cellophane paper and wrap it around the torchlight with a rubber band.

Test the torchlight by shining it on white surface. Try not to look into it as it may hurt your eyes.


2. LED light of mobile phones
Download an app that allows the LED light to be turned on manually. For … Read More »

Someday, Discrimination Will Be Eliminated

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by Alan Tan

Truth be told, I used to join in the safety of the crowd and scoff at the gay community in high school. Indeed, I was homophobic.

Looking back, it is not difficult to explain my fears. My phobia probably came from the worry of being ostracised by others. I did not want to be associated with gay people as they are constantly insulted, bullied, and are segregated in literally any society. As I was approaching senior year in high school, I was balloted to work with a gay man for a project. I was furious, dismayed, and felt like the most unfortunate heterosexual human being in the world who had just lost his honour and pride. My body language mirrored my feelings, and he got the message clearly. I hated him and his way of life.

Yet, as … Read More »

A Message from Barclays, our Corporate Contributor!

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We whooped for joy when we found out earlier this year that corporate giants like Barclays were going to stand up for and stand behind Pink Dot, which campaigns for the freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are striding towards a more inclusive, open, and loving society someday soon.

Barclays is proud to be a Corporate Contributor of this year’s Pink Dot Singapore. Recognizing the importance of addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) issues and challenges in the city, Pink Dot’s campaign to raise awareness for diversity, inclusiveness and acceptance is a mission that resonates with the values and culture within our organisation.

At Barclays, we are committed to being a leading champion of LGBT inclusion. We recognise the value of diversity and inclusion to our business and our employees. Diverse teams make better decisions … Read More »

Local Stars Light Up First Night Pink Dot Concert

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Expect an exciting line-up of some of Singapore’s favourite celebrities at this year’s Pink Dot Concert! Held at Hong Lim Park on 30th June (mark your calendars!), join Singapore’s favourite bands, comedians, and singers at the first Pink Dot held at NIGHT!

Catch Kumar, Sharon Au, and Lim Yu-Beng, our lovely Pink Dot 2012 ambassadors, acoustic duo Jack & Rai, funnygirl Pam Oei, Ivan Heng & the va-va-voom La Cage aux Folles, King Kong Jane, Tang Quartet and Starlight Alchemy. Woohoo! Sounds like it’s going to be a power-packed evening.

The show will begin from 6.30pm to 7.30pm (come early, chope seat) and later, witness the formation of Pink Dot 2012, which will take place at sunset for the very first time. Shimmering torches, light sticks, and glowing mobile phones aglow!

See you there!

WHERE: Hong Lim Park
WHEN: Saturday, … Read More »

First Night Pink Dot brightens up with more corporate support

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For Immediate Release

First Night Pink Dot brightens up with more corporate support

Google and Barclays have pledged their support for the freedom to love

Singapore, 14 June 2012 – Pink Dot, the annual event in Singapore which celebrates the freedom to love, reaches another milestone this year, with an expanding list of corporate contributors – including multinational heavyweights Google and Barclays – coming out in full support.

What began as a small event in 2009 campaigning for diversity, inclusiveness, and to foster understanding for the basic human need to love and be loved, regardless of sexual orientation, has since grown to over 10,000 Singaporeans coming together to form a giant pink dot in 2011. To date it is the largest event that has taken place at the Speakers’ Corner.

“We are excited by the growing number of companies that are ‘coming out’ and … Read More »

Someday, homophobes can change

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by Liew Kai Khiun

At the dawn of the millennium, Church of the Saviour in Singapore ran a banner outside their Queenstown premises that read “Homosexuals can Change”. Highly visible to the public, the statement underpinned the change from the traditionally quiet disapproval of what is construed as unnatural sexual identities and relationships towards a more active drive to “rehabilitate” those belonging to the LGBT community back to what is considered as the heterosexual mainstream.

While generally agnostic, I used to share the general prejudices against sexual minorities in Singapore, and had probably agreed with the underlying messages of the banner of Church of the Saviour on homosexuality a decade ago. Growing up in a typically heterosexual mainstream family, I was probably internalized to the aversion of any other types of alternative social relationships or ways of life.

Brought up with … Read More »

Pink Dot 2012 Song: True Colours

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After much discussion and debate, we’ve decided that the Pink Dot song for 2012 is.. *drumroll* True Colours. Written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, True Colours was released in 1986 by American starlet Cyndi Lauper. Because of its poignant lyrics, it became a landmark song for the LGBT community. We at Pink Dot Sg say aye - Your true colours are beautiful, like a rainbow.

See you on 30 June 2012 at 6pm, and sing-along to this song about courage, beauty, and most of all, about love.

Have a look at some of the versions we’ve found on YouTube below, and scroll down for the lyrics. Enjoy!

Cyndi Lauper


Phil Collins

Eva Cassidy

Celtic Woman

True Colours
You with the sad eyes
Don’t be discouraged
Oh I realize
Its hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

But … Read More »


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It is not “someday”, but today.

My best friend and her husband, both devout Christians, are happy now that their lesbian daughter (in her late thirties) has found a loving, supportive partner for life. Their daughter and her partner live with the partner’s family, and the couple visit and dine regularly with my friend and her husband, like any good, married daughter and her spouse.

A few months back, my former student took me out for lunch, and told me about his long-term partner, who is English. The two men, who work in the medical field, have been together for more than 12 years, and his good news is that their families have accepted their relationship. My former student’s family is Singaporean and Catholic, and his partner’s parents are English and Anglican. Since we were having a Japanese lunch, we toasted his … Read More »