All set for Pink Dot next Saturday? The team has drawn up a nifty guide to making your very own pink torch!

1. With white LED torch light
LED torchlights can be bought at places like Daiso, Army Market, Home-Fix, NTUC, 7-11, etc.

Pink cellophane paper can be bought at stationery shops like Popular ($1.80), Art Friend, Spotlight, etc. Remember to check that the light created by the cellophane paper is really pink, by testing with your phone’s LED light or by bringing your torchlight along.

Either cut a small piece of cellophane paper and wrap it around the torchlight with a rubber band.

Test the torchlight by shining it on white surface. Try not to look into it as it may hurt your eyes.


2. LED light of mobile phones
Download an app that allows the LED light to be turned on manually. For Android: For iPhone

Use adhesive tape to tape a small piece of pink cellophane paper in front of the LED light of the mobile phone.

Remember to make sure your phone is fully charged before coming to Pink Dot 2012. The LED app can take up quite a bit of battery power.


3. Other methods that may not work
We’ve done some testing ourselves. Here are a few methods that didn’t work for us!
1. Using a pink plastic bag to replace pink cellophane paper: The colour of the light is not pink enough.
2. Using the screen of a smart phone to display a pink image: The screen is not bright enough to be seen from the vantage point camera.
3. Using light sticks: light sticks are also not bright enough to be seen from the camera. But please be creative and make a nicely-lit costume!

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