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Press Release

SINGAPORE, 18 May 2011 – In exactly one month, on 18 June 2011, Singaporeans will, for the third year running, gather at Hong Lim Park to form a human pinkdot in support of the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love.

Organised by a pool of Singaporean volunteers, Pink Dot campaigns for diversity, inclusiveness, and works to foster understanding for the basic human need to love and be loved, regardless of oneʼs sexual orientation.
This year, Pink Dot 2011 is fronted by the DIM SUM DOLLIES (picture below), the comedy trio comprising Emma Yong, Pam Oei and Selena Tan. Festivities begin at 4.30pm with a dynamic line-up including performances by Dave Tan of local indie band Electrico, Broadway Beng Sebastian Tan and dance group Voguelicious.
A campaign video, conceptualised and directed by award-winning filmmaker Boo Junfeng (Sandcastle, Cannes 2010), can be seen here:
Already, the video has garnered more than 34,000 views within 36 hours of its May 17 launch.
Boo, 28, said: “The social stigma that LGBT people carry is often overlooked when we talk about homosexuality. The freedom to love and the comfort of being yourself, things many LGBT people hope to have, are often taken for granted by straight people. Beyond the event on June 18, I hope the video will continue to empower and inspire empathy for LGBT people”.
Pink Dot spokesperson Paerin Choa said: “We believe that Pink Dot 2011 will take another step towards a more inclusive and cohesive Singapore. Past events have seen people from different walks of life come together for this event – young, old, straight, gay, families and friends. It is extremely heartwarming to know that Singaporeans believe in building a more tolerant and harmonious society.”
WHERE: Hong Lim Park
WHEN: Saturday, June 18, 2011
WHAT TO WEAR: Of course, PINK!
TIMINGS: Activities commence 4.30pm, Concert begins at 5pm, Dot is formed at
*Please note: According to the park’s terms and conditions, only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents may participate at the events held at Hong Lim Park. However, foreigners are most welcome to watch and observe.
For media enquiries and interviews, email [email protected]

12 Responses to “COUNTDOWN TO PINK DOT 2011: 1 MONTH TO GO!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm a Malaysian, can I wear pink for showing support but wont be participate at the events?

  2. Anonymous says:

    i want to join!!! i'm malaysian too!!!! as im a bisexual too!!! FREEDOM TO LOVE!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cant the pink dot try to ask for allowance from the park to be able to participate only for just this few minutes?

    We too want to celebrate with Singaporeans in this very auspicious event.

    lets not discriminate nuh?

  4. Anonymous says:

    why not other public places where everyone is free to participate rather than a place which holds restrictions towards people?

  5. Lyn says:

    What a wonderful idea! What a start! I love the visual statement it makes. I am going to post the video on my facebook page. As a mom of a gay daughter, I want her to feel confident, embraced and loved for exactly all and who she is. Thanks for posting this.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am from Toronto Canada and go to Malaysia every year .It is very sad to see all the beautiful people out there that can not express them selves.Being gay is beautiful and I sure hope things can be changed
    even gay people have the right to be happy..Here in Toronto is is fine to express your self ,holding hands,kissing and even getting married .
    I wish there is something I can do to help

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love pinkdot, where can i get pinkdot stuff?

  8. Frankie says:

    It's a great improve since I left Singapore 13 years ago! Go on you all!!

    Majulah Singapura!
    Onward Singapore:)
    முன்னேறட்டும் சிங்கப்பூர்

  9. PTPS says:

    Oh my god I am so excited Pink Dot is happening again this year! Me and my partner are definitely going, it's our first time to the event and we've been looking forward to it ever since we heard aout it last year. We'll be there~

  10. Pink Dot SG says:

    @PTPS looking forward to seeing you there! bring your friends! :)

  11. Pink Dot SG says:

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for your support! Unfortunately, we have to keep to Hong Lim Park's rules and regulations.

    If you're a foreigner planning to attend Pink Dot, please note that only Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents are allowed to participate in the formation of Pink Dot.

    This rule is mandated by the authorities governing Hong Lim Park (Speaker's Corner), where the event will be held, and not by the organisers of Pink Dot.

    How about keeping updated via our Facebook or twitter updates? :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I say this with sincere love: I hope and pray that LGBT people will have the courage and determination to change their lifestyle.

    If this is going to get flamed or deleted, I know that you are not as open-minded nor loving as you claim to be.

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