The following is a list of fuchsia and coral sponsors as part of the ‘Red Dot for Pink Dot’ campaign. The current total tally of local sponsors stands at 116. For the most updated list, please visit:


Chuan Pictures
Chuan Pictures is the production arm of acclaimed local director Royston Tan, best known for his series of short films and full length features such as 881, 12 Lotus and 3688. Incorporated in 2009, Chuan Pictures is dedicated to the growth of the Singaporean film movement and the telling of colourful local stories, as evident in the SG50 film 7 Letters (2015) and their latest dialect-centric omnibus 667 (2017), both of which had multiple sold out screenings in Singapore.

“In the world of filmmaking, we see and create characters of various shapes and sizes, races and religions, genders and sexual orientations. These characters and their stories are told so that we are able to understand and feel empathy for one another, despite the differences. The idea of love and creating a sense of understanding for our audiences has always been at the core, and thus our support for Pink Dot,” said Karen Khoo-Toohey, Executive Producer at Chuan Pictures.

Collectors Contemporary
Founded in 2007, Collectors Contemporary has specialized in the exhibition and sale of important works of contemporary art. The gallery exists as a platform to broaden audiences for international art, nurture innovative artistic practice and facilitate the acquisition of artwork by celebrated contemporary artists.

GetIT Comms
There is nothing easy about B2B technology marketing. Confusion and complexity abound. Obfuscation and jargon are the norm. We exist to change that – to help you tell your story to those who need to hear it, clearly and with minimal fuss.

“We strongly believe that diversity in every aspect fuels innovation, drives creativity and is necessary for the progression of society, the economy and our country. GetIT is built on the fundamental principle that everyone is to be evaluated equally and in the professional spectrum on the basis of their capabilities regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation,” said Jaspreet Sidhu, Director of Operations, GetIT Comms.

Gravitate Pte Ltd is in the business of storytelling and work with multinational corporations, advertising agencies and production houses to create compelling stories. From conceptualisation, production to post-production, they have a solid understanding of how to bring any message to any audience. This marks their second year as a Pink Dot sponsor.

Hoods Inc. Productions
We are a media company, producing content for local, regional and international clients. We produce a wide range of genres from online series to comedies, dramas, documentaries, current affairs and lifestyle programmes. Due to the ever-changing social climate and media scene, we have to stay current, which usually dictates what we produce for our clients.

“Every year we try our best to support different causes, especially if they are raising awareness about discrimination, ignorance or apathy. When we saw Pink Dot needing help this year, we knew it is a small part to play but an important one nevertheless. Similarly for us, we want, and have, to build the best team based on their abilities – not their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation,” Bratina Tay, Creative Producer / Managing Director, Hoods Inc. Productions.

RJ Paper
RJ Paper is a solution provider for paper and premium packaging materials. Within our sphere, RJ Paper continuously strive to encourage a sustainable ecosystem. Our basic belief is “Just paper. But it can touch our lives in the most magnificent way.”

“We believe a society will thrive with tolerance and diversity. Everyone is different and should not be discriminated. Through the years, people from different backgrounds have reached out and supported us in many ways. Living in this little red dot, we will not hesitate to return the flavour and render support to what we believe will contribute to a better society,” said Jane Goh, Director, RJ Paper.

With over 25 years of prominence in the timber industry, Wood&Wood sets forth to bridge the flooring requirements of projects from mega to self-contained scales, provisioning a one-stop flooring solution hub.

The establishment’s core intent is to create a platform to bridge the flooring needs and requirements of the local construction, architecture and design industries, specialising in facilitating projects from mega to self-contained scales.


Aloha Poké
Aloha Poké is opened by two couples, looking to bring a taste of Hawaii to Singapore. We first experienced the love of poké while vacationing in Hawaii in Sep 2014. After returning to Singapore, and unable to find suitable alternatives to quell our craving, we started to experiment with making our own poké.

We are a small family owned company based out of sunny Singapore. Our love of coconuts started 15 years ago when we started the import and distribution of fresh Thai coconuts to the local restaurant community. Since then we have grown from being just a distributor of fresh coconuts to the manufacturer of Singapore’s first coconut water brand COCOLOCO.

Demochoco is a small-batch chocolatier that looks to the world for seasonal produce in order to incorporate the best into our truffles. The result are treats that excite the palate with flavours both familiar and unexpected.

Named Singapore’s Independent Agency of the Year (2016) by Campaign Asia, as well as Specialist Agency of the Year (2016) by Hall of Fame, GOODSTUPH is an independent social marketing agency based in Singapore.

MochaChai Laboratories
Mocha Chai Laboratories is Singapore’s first boutique digital film lab, and is fully compliant with the DCI-standard. Since its inception in 2011, the company has handled international features and local projects, such as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I, A Walk Among The Tombstones, Jobs, The Lady, 女朋友*男朋友, Sadako 3D, Ah Boys To Men I & II, and is currently serving cinemas for Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines and other parts of Asia.

Prospect Music Therapy
Prospect Music Therapy is a social enterprise offering music therapy services to individuals, families and agencies in Singapore. In line with professional code ethics, our mission is to provide a safe space for all people, regardless of color, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation.

“As a social enterprise, supporting Red Dot for Pink Dot aligns with its corporate values of providing equal access to services for all, and promoting inclusivity and diversity in its programmes. People should not be discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity,” said Evelyn Lee, Registered Music Therapist & Founder, Prospect Music Therapy.

Established in 1992, Sharetea started off business with to-go black tea and pearl milk tea drinks in Taipei, Taiwan. Since then Sharetea has opened many branches and franchises in 18 countries such as United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and over 450 stores.

Taboo is undisputedly one of the hottest boutique dance clubs in the alternative scene since 1997. The Club has also evolved with time and has seen an increase of fun loving mainstream clubbers these days too.

Taste of Tradition
Taste of Tradition was established in 1995 and is the Agent to many famous wine brands such as Chateau de Beaucastel and Louis Latour. We employ Cold-Chain Logistics to transport at 12–15 degree Celsius and 70% humidity, from the winery to our clients. We represent a fine selection of wines from over 85 growing areas, 11 countries, through a robust selection process. Our motto, since inception, is in vino credimus, we only sell the wines we believe in, in wines you trust.

“We see the Pink Dot movement as a display of courage and perseverance. Courage to start something new, to speak up for others, and the perseverance to press on despite setbacks and opposition. Through our contribution, we hope it helps Pink Dot 2017 be a great success in continuing to spread this message of freedom to love,” said Emil Noel Teo, Executive Director, Taste of Tradition.

The Analog Vault
The Analog Vault, established in 2015, is an online + offline retail establishment offering a wide and tightly curated mix of vinyl records + other music & analog goods, including books & magazines relating to music and music culture.

The Lo & Behold Group
We are immensely proud to be serving an industry that allows us to be a visceral part of the human experience. We strive to create experiential destinations and craft awesome experiences for our employees, partners and customers, creating memories that exist beyond our spaces.

Tan H Wui Pte Ltd
Founded in 2011, Tan H Wui Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that provides a range of medical and pathology consultancy and solutions to professionals and clinicians in the healthcare sector.

“At TMRW, we are all about creating conversations that engage people. Whether it’s a 140-character tweet, live stories or emojis. But without the freedom to love, open dialogues about ideas and connections that spur change cannot exist. This freedom is especially crucial to the LGBTQ community in Singapore which has been instrumental in driving growth in the arts, design, culture and increasingly, business. Also, as a local company, it is imperative that we support the freedom to love in the very city we work and live in.

Our mission is to bring people together through insights and great work. By being part of the Pink Dot Movement, we hope to connect everyone with the people who are close to their heart no matter who they may be. Love is a right and it should be made available to all,” said Shaun Quek, Managing Director of TMRW.

Xpointo Media
Established in 2008, Xpointo is part digital marketing agency and part digital lab. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about helping brands exploit and realise the potential of digital channels. We integrate strategy, creative, content and technology to achieve sustainable results for the brands we work with. We also build proprietary marketing technology solutions to solve digital marketing challenges.

“At Xpointo, we believe that diversity and inclusion are important values that help foster creativity and innovation. Singapore is already a diverse society but equality and inclusion elude some. Pink Dot SG is a wonderful and important initiative that has been sustained by volunteers and corporate sponsors since 2009. When we were invited to support Pink Dot SG as a local SME business, we were delighted and proud to step up and stand for a more inclusive Singapore,” said Kathy Teo, Founder & Managing Director, Xpointo Media.