About the director

Christopher believes that the heart of film-making is purposeful communication: boiling complex ideas into a simple message that resonates with the audience, with the intention of educating them and inspiring them to take action. He’s honed these skills of communicating, organising, and finding common ground with his advocacy work, especially with the transgender community. He is currently a member of TransgenderSG.com,an online portal with Singapore-specific information on transition, and is working on setting up the Singapore Transgender Network.

About the talents

Gay cisgender man
Science teacher-turned-cartoonist Otto has spent much of his life educating young people and encouraging their passion for science. While he was a school teacher, Otto came out publicly as a gay man in hopes of offering support and solidarity to his gay students. Subsequently, members of the public called the school, demanding for him to be fired.

Maz and Sherry (right), former classmates

Transgender woman
Sherry is a Muslim transgender woman and a human rights activist working with Project X, a non-profit organisation that aims to close the gap between sex workers and non-sex workers. Since going public about her identity and profession, she has been the voice and face of her community, shedding positive light on women like herself. In the early days of Sherry’s transition, as she began to wear make-up and dress more femininely, she was terminated from her job at a fine dining restaurant overnight.

Gay transgender man
A fresh psychology graduate who happens to be a gay trans man, Alexander is passionate about providing more objective and inclusive health education and accessible mental healthcare to all youth, and aspires to work with trans children one day. During his polytechnic internship, Alexander was verbally assaulted while using the restroom, and was threatened with “if I see you using the men’s room one more time, I’m going to call the police”.