“A Dot is merely a Dot, but when all Dots come together, we show Singapore that we exist. If not now, when?”
Willie Chan, 32, Business Development Manager

“Love is all around.”
Zizi Azah, 28, Theatre Director

“And so the feeling goes.”
Izmir Ickbal, 28, Security Analyst

“Love conquers all.”
John Lee, 30, Marketing Manager

“There are no boundaries for love.”
Daryl Pan, 23, Undergraduate

Russell Morton, 27, Film Student
“Gay also means happy.”

“Love doesn’t choose.”
Hossan Leong, 40, Actor/Director

“Freedom to create our own history.”
Aishah Ashburn, Zhang Wenjie, Yuni Hadi

The Singapore International Film Festival Committee

“Who or how you love is your business, not mine.”
Shida Mahadi, 28, Educator

“Love does not discriminate. Only people do.”
Ivan Heng, ’35’, Artistic Director, W!LD RICE

“It is your right to choose who you love.”

Gary Ng, 21, Student

“As an ultimate fag hag, I’m all for love.”
Norma Desouza, 20, Film Student

“We are gentle rainbow warriors.”
Tara Tan, 24, Journalist

“Pink is the only obsession.”
Stefanie Ho, 25, Banker

“Not everything is in red and white.”
Royston Tan, 32, Filmmaker

“Just like me, my gay friends are perfectly normal STRAIGHT people. They too have dreams, love and hope for a better tomorrow like all of us.”
Katherine Koo, 42, Office Manager

“Love is not restricted.”

Peixuan, 16, Student
Fitri, 18, Student
Jia Cheng, 16, Student