Pink Dot 2011 is here! And the fabulous Dim Sum Dollies comprising Selena Tan, Emma Yong and Pamela Oei are our ambassadors this year!

Everyone should have the freedom to love, regardless of sexual orientation. But fear, ignorance and prejudice often stand in the way. At Pink Dot, we believe the first step to overcoming these barriers is for open-minded segments of society to come together. If you too feel that LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) people deserve to express their love just like any other Singaporean, please join us at Hong Lim Park on 18 June 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I came for the first time in Singapore about 10 years ago to work a few weeks for my company. I made good friends and every years I visit them. I never told them that I'm gay because I know it is a difficult subject. In the last years, I saw that civil rights are going slowly better. Keep continuing your fight to be accepted for what you are !
    Singapore is a wonderful country and shoud accept differences.

  2. What time does it start? 🙂

  3. cool…Sg is really moving forward in every way…not only economically but also liberalization of mindset.Your short videos are great and moving. Keep it up.

  4. hi i really wanna attend and buy the cool merchandise but im overseas, are there other ways to buy?

  5. @KJ!* Festivities start at 430pm 🙂

    @Lionel + Gabriel: Thank you!

    @Awesome: Not at the moment – we do give away badges and umbrellas at the event! But maybe in the future!

  6. Hi
    I'm a voluntary worker of a Homosexual NGO from China.
    Can we try some co-operation?
    The following URL is our website
    I'm studying in Singapore now.

  7. can the admin contact me via, there's something i would love to discuss with… thx.

  8. should include the handicaps, the deaf, under-priviledges, orphans, not just for the LGBT communities…highlight more for everyone. emphasis is LOVE not just the LGBT…thx

  9. You guys should continue to hold this event. It is a good event to educate Singaporeans.

  10. What time does it end? 😀 i wanna bring friends and their parents wanna know what time they'll be back.. 🙂

  11. Is this exclusive among Singaporeans only? How about PRs & EP holders, can we come?

  12. I commend Singapore and its people for learning to embrace the real essence of the word 'progress'.

  13. Tumbled across pinkdot website one day after the event, while looking for something to do with our kids. Glad to see minds here to move the social mindset. Luuuuved the videos. I took the opportunity to explain my 5 year old that some guys love gals and some guys love guys and some gals love gals.
    Count on us next year. Keep it up.

  14. Do you know what you are doing? This movement destroy families with homosexual husbands, lebian daughters and more. We can care and love them but not support their behaviours.

  15. I think this is a great way to get rid of the ignorance in many people's minds. I think LGBT rights is still a very touchy subjects especially due to the stict customs that many chinese, malays etc face. I know Singapore is becoming more open minded about these things and it's all thanks to organizations like you! KEEP IT UP! I would really want to attend this should you organize it again next year! 🙂

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TV host and writer Anita Kapoor, shot to fame as the clear favourite winner of a Discovery travel host search and has not looked back since. Insatiably curious and possessing a natural wit, this former magazine editor has explored the world for Discovery TLC, AXN, Lonely Planet, Channel News Asia and OKTO, and Starwood Asia Pacific channels, forever on a quest to pioneer the non-conformist stories and locations, especially to connect with the provocateurs who move their worlds.

She is an ambassador for the Singapore chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and her advocacies include Willing Hearts which feeds Singapore’s marginalised, Magic Bus which empowers childrens’ lives in India through sports, and A Single Love which supports single parents. She has also spoken at TEDx Singapore Women 2012 on ‘Female to Female Misogyny in the First World’.

As a Pink Dot ambassador this year, Anita hopes to extend her voice on issues of equality as she firmly believes that everyone deserves equal rights, regardless of the hand they have been dealt in life.

“I see the rights of LGBT people as human rights, really. Everyone deserves to be treated equally – in society, in employment and in the eyes of the law. I believe that as fellow human beings, it’s important to stand together – to speak up for one another when we have the ability and opportunity to do so.”

Anita continues: “There’s a lot of work to be done, a lot of people we need to reach out to. Every one of us has the capacity to be a hero to someone else. I hope more Singaporeans will join us at this year’s Pink Dot. Because together, we can make this a more inclusive society for everyone.”