We talk to the everyday heroes who make Singapore a better place person by person, day after day. These LGBT support groups will also have a booth (or a picnic mat) at Pink Dot 2011, so come by and say hi!

Who they are:
A community for gay men to interact and have fun through social activities while
building healthy and lasting friendships.
What they do:
Leisure activities ar
e organised almost every month where members can interact and have fun.
When was it set up:19 August 2006
How to get in touch:
• Website : rainbower.sg
• Email:
[email protected]


Rainbower is a friendly community for gay men to interact and build lasting and healthy friendships with each other. Fun-filled leisure and social activities are usually organised once a month at various locations for members to share the going-ons in their lives and to relax. Their gatherings culminate into their annual Star Awards party, where members celebrate all the gatherings that were organised during the past year. The community has been steadily growing since 2006 as friends pull in their other friends to join in the fun and games.


We catch up with Andrew Chan (on the extreme left in the picture above), coordinator for Rainbower.

What was your motivational push to set up Rainbower?

The first factor: the people who attended our activities had lots of fun! Looking at the friendships being forged and seeing the smiles on their faces as they felt a sense of belonging to the group was the next and most meaningful factor that spurred me on.

What actually goes on during a Rainbower event?

Our gatherings are leisure events like barbecues and dinners, but we do have outdoor activities like beach sports and nature walks where members can stay healthy and active. We organise these activities so that members can come together and share their life issues with fellow members.

How are your members like?

Our members mostly consist of a group of professionals over 30 years old. We currently have about 30 to 40 members right now but that number is steadily growing. We are a fun-loving group of people, comfortable with our sexuality though many are not completely out to family, work or public.

How do new members get to know of Rainbower?

It is usually through word of mouth and through friends who pull their friends to join in that we reach out to new members.

What are you wearing to Pink Dot?

I am thinking of putting on something pink and with feathers, but it’s not confirmed yet! It pretty much depends on my mood and what makes me feel good then. Any suggestions? Less is more and I’m definitely going to remember to protect the environment. 🙂