From son to daughter: A Singaporean family’s transformation

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“When you walk out on the street you have to face the cold hard facts, the world, and the way people look at you…it’s hard. Home is supposed to be the safe place where you can go to for warmth and love, and at the end of the day it’s good to know that there’s somebody you can go home to, who doesn’t judge you, who loves you for who you are.”

- Jamie Yee


Jamie Yee, 36, is a post-op transgender person. With the love and support of her family, Jamie, at the age of 24, underwent an operation to become what she had always felt she was: a girl.

From the age of five, Jamie knew she wasn’t quite like the other boys. Rather than sharing in the rough-and-tumble activities with them, she found herself gravitating towards girls’ toys, like cooking … Read More »

When one door closes, a closet door opens: A Singaporean mother’s appeal to parents of LGBT sons and daughters

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The feeling of falling into a deep pit is how Yiap Geok Khuan, 67, would describe her state-of-mind when she first received word that her daughter, Eileena Lee, 38, is gay.

Tears filled her eyes before she even heard the words. She had been in denial for years and her greatest fear was about to be confirmed – that the daughter she once dressed up in her own image – would turn out to be lesbian.

The bearer of the news was not Eileena though. It was her younger brother, who decided to call his mother at her office one afternoon, all the way from Australia, where he was studying.

Eileena had confided in her brother, and he chose to speak with their mother about it. His intention was not to tell on his sister, but rather, to ask Mdm Yiap to … Read More »

Adrian Pang says family support matters when coming out

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It sometimes takes a life-changing experience for someone to gain a fresh perspective on life. For Adrian Pang, one of the most prominent faces in the Singapore film, television and theatre scenes, it took a few personal crises.

Having just turned 44, Adrian has been through several personal crises over the last few years. Each time, existential questions about life and life’s purpose would enter his mind and bother him for days on end. But through overcoming them, Adrian felt a renewed sense of purpose in life: “It’s so easy to be caught up in the daily rush of life and forget what’s important,” he noted. “I want to make this second half of my life count.”

To kick things in motion, the veteran actor left MediaCorp TV in March, after a three-year stint. He has since started ‘Pangdemonium! Productions’, a theatre … Read More »

DJ Big Kid reflects upon the impact of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ within families

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Coming out of the closet is seldom easy. Just ask DJ Big Kid (otherwise known as Johnson Ong), a prominent name at dance parties across Asia.

Big Kid is Singaporean, gay, and closeted to his family. In fact, this story might be his way of leaving the proverbial doors open for future conversations with his loved ones. “I grew up in an environment where I was told being gay is wrong; that I needed to cast out the demons,” he said.

He suspects some members of his family might be aware of his sexual orientation. But so far, none of them have confronted him. He’s pretty certain that this same dynamic applies to many gay Singaporeans – a code of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ within families, so as to avoid difficult conversations.

“Parents have a certain expectation of their children,” he noted. “Because … Read More »

For stronger people, families and societies, give ‘good love’, says Tan Kheng Hua

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What is a “good love”? According to Singaporean actress Tan Kheng Hua, “good love”, over and above ordinary love, is what we get when we are “with people who can bring out the best in us”. And indeed, the Ambassador for Pink Dot 2010 believes that “good love” can help forge stronger people, resilient families and societies.

The prominent actress, who is also a mother, thinks this year’s Pink Dot theme – Family – is an apt one, as she firmly believes that family support is a vital part of life. “Relationships within the family should never be underestimated,” she said, adding that it is ultimately our relationships at home that will affirm who we are as people, and as a community.

She stressed, “The impact that family members have, whether or not the relationships are acrimonious or harmonious, can impact the … Read More »


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PinkDot is a platform that celebrates the Freedom to Love, regardless of whether you are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Straight. We are made up of a group of straight and gay volunteers who care deeply about the place LGBT Singaporeans call home.

In 2009, 2,500 people came to support the Freedom to Love. This year, we hope to make Pink Dot bigger!

Pink Dot is back this year, at Hong Lim Park, on 15 May 2010 – the International Day of Families.

We are looking for performers and performing troupes above 18 years of age for the second Pink Dot, and would like to invite artistes who are keen on supporting Pink Dot to audition for:

Main performance slots (4-6 acts). (We’d be particularly ecstatic if you’re a cheerleading team or marching band)
Strolling performers such as jugglers, stilt-walkers, illusionists, etc.

Please let us know … Read More »

Pictures from Pink Dot’s Tea Party!

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We premièred our very first 2010 video, we introduced our ambassadors for 2010, and we had a ball with our friends who came down (dressed fashionably, in pink) to show their support. Check out our pretty pictures from last Sunday [Thanks, Dennis & Enrik! Pink Dot loves Fotocology]