Pink Dot’s NEW Video!

Posted on May 7th, by Pink Dot Sg in Pink Dot 2009. 2 comments

In this video, straight Singaporeans from different walks of life come together to talk about the LGBT people in their lives.

Among the known faces are celebrity blogger Xiaxue, actress Pamela Oei, actors Lim Kay Siu and Lim Yu Beng, Dave Tan and Amanda Ling from local band Electrico, as well as Pink Dot’s ambassadors Neo Swee Lin, Rosalyn Lee and Timothy Nga.

Music Track: Dreams of a Butterfly by Darren Ng

2 Responses to “Pink Dot’s NEW Video!”

  1. Ron says:

    walau,that woman her face like wanna cry like that make me cry sia…somemore the background music like so emotional,hahas…

    yay…i’ll be der if i have no sch work!
    so cool~~

  2. Anonymous says:

    this video is really very inspirational, all 4.25 minutes of it. there are many LGBT out there who are still closeted and afraid to let anyone know who they really are for fear of being shunned or ostraticised. to them i say, you must be comfortable in your own skin before you can spread the message of love. if people do shun or avoid you, then that’s their loss cause they fail to realise your inner beauty and self worth :)

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