A new campaign Red Dot for Pink Dot, which was initiated and led by a diverse group of Singaporean entrepreneurs, was launched on Sunday, March 26, with 50 Singaporean-owned companies onboard as sponsors of Pink Dot 2017.

Spearheaded by Darius Cheung, CEO of 99.co, who believes that diversity and inclusiveness are values that Singapore companies would support, the campaign’s goal is to sign up 100 local companies to show their support for Pink Dot and be part of a movement to promote greater understanding, inclusion and acceptance of LGBT individuals in Singapore.

“The diversity of thought, experience, and beliefs within our team have benefited all of us here at 99.co, and we believe that this same open-mindedness and inclusiveness at the societal level can only better us as a nation. In 2016, we started a campaign against racial discrimination in the rental market because we believe that no one should be denied a home because of the colour of their skin. Pink Dot’s aim to promote acceptance of the LGBT community resonates with us from the very foundation of our beliefs: no one should be denied by society because of who they are,” said Cheung in a statement on the Red Dot for Pink Dot website.

Sponsors of Pink Dot 2017 include Wood and Wood, Chuan Pictures, Collectors Contemporary, GetIT Coms, Hood Inc Productions, RJ Paper , Wood & Wood, and the Lo and Behold Group.

Cheung is joined by other Singapore business leaders including Carolyn Kan (Founder of Carrie K.), Adrianna Tan (Founder of Wobe), and Bjorn Low (Founder of Edible Garden).

For more information about the campaign, visit https://www.reddotforpinkdot.com