With Pink Dot 2017 returning to its night dot format this year, we can’t be more excited! Here’s what you need to know if you are coming down to support the Freedom to Love. Let’s make this year safe and fun for everyone.

For the safety of everyone, there will be security checks conducted at each of the seven checkpoints, including checks on photo IDs and bags. Be it pink or blue NRIC, passport, 11B, driving license or even student concession card, remember to bring the physical card with you. Come early to avoid long queues and to enjoy a meaningful day out at Pink Dot!

If you are transgender, gender non-conforming, coming in drag or are concerned that your appearance does not match your photo ID, our security officers have been briefed to handle this sensitively and appropriately. Otherwise, please approach one of our friendly volunteers for assistance.

Pink Dot 2017 remains a focal point and safe space for LGBT Singaporeans and straight allies to support the Freedom to Love. To help prevent long queues, minimise and consolidate your belongings and picnic items; and avoid bringing sharp and/or pointed objects. Most importantly, bring enough water to prevent dehydration.

With Pink Dot 2017 returning to a night dot format, it’s time to make it shine even brighter! If you have kept the pink torches from our past editions, bring them along! If not, a simple pink cellophane sheet stuck over a regular torch or smartphone can also do. There will be pink vinyl stickers given out at the event too – keep an eye out for it!

At the Accessibility Zone, there will be Pink Dot volunteers who can readily provide assistance to our deaf friends and those in wheelchair. Checkpoints 5 and 7 are wheelchair-friendly entries where you can easily head to the Accessibility Zone.