Pink Dot, exemplified by our tagline “Supporting the Freedom to Love”, has never detracted from its message of inclusion and diversity, of embracing and welcoming everyone regardless of their race, language, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. Pink Dot’s message is in line with the shared values of all Singaporeans that place the family as the basic unit of society.

As we understand it, the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) Council’s position is that Pink Dot’s advertisements at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard does not breach the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice, which carried the principle that an advertisement should not downplay the importance of family as a unit and foundation of society. As such, we cannot see how a tagline calling for inclusion and love can therefore be seen as undermining the concept of family or disrespecting the individual. Over the past 8 years we have worked hard to ensure every individual including LGBT individuals is respected and loved for who they are, without having to hide from their families, workplace and society. Likewise, LGBT Singaporeans have families too, and they continually seek to foster understanding and closer bonds with their loved ones.

We cannot help but wonder if the Council’s request arose out of complaints by a small group of people against Pink Dot who vociferously support the discrimination of Singapore’s LGBT community. We are confident Singaporeans are able to discern our message of inclusion, diversity and love from one that seeks to divide us because of differences.

Our aim is to have conversations and dialogue to promote understanding; through this, we hope to achieve consensus and not conflict.

As such, we are open to speaking to ASAS and invite them to a frank discussion on this.

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TV host and writer Anita Kapoor, shot to fame as the clear favourite winner of a Discovery travel host search and has not looked back since. Insatiably curious and possessing a natural wit, this former magazine editor has explored the world for Discovery TLC, AXN, Lonely Planet, Channel News Asia and OKTO, and Starwood Asia Pacific channels, forever on a quest to pioneer the non-conformist stories and locations, especially to connect with the provocateurs who move their worlds.

She is an ambassador for the Singapore chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and her advocacies include Willing Hearts which feeds Singapore’s marginalised, Magic Bus which empowers childrens’ lives in India through sports, and A Single Love which supports single parents. She has also spoken at TEDx Singapore Women 2012 on ‘Female to Female Misogyny in the First World’.

As a Pink Dot ambassador this year, Anita hopes to extend her voice on issues of equality as she firmly believes that everyone deserves equal rights, regardless of the hand they have been dealt in life.

“I see the rights of LGBT people as human rights, really. Everyone deserves to be treated equally – in society, in employment and in the eyes of the law. I believe that as fellow human beings, it’s important to stand together – to speak up for one another when we have the ability and opportunity to do so.”

Anita continues: “There’s a lot of work to be done, a lot of people we need to reach out to. Every one of us has the capacity to be a hero to someone else. I hope more Singaporeans will join us at this year’s Pink Dot. Because together, we can make this a more inclusive society for everyone.”