Over a dozen businesses in Singapore have turned their storefronts or facades pink ahead of Pink Dot 13, to be held on Saturday, Jun 12 in the form of a livestream instead of a rally at the Speakers’ Corner due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Like last year, Pink Dot has called on Singaporeans to light up their homes, and businesses to light up their work spaces, as a gesture of love, support and solidarity with the LGBTQ community of Singapore. 

Pink Dot shared in a Facebook post: “It’s heartening to see different spaces and businesses lighting up in solidarity with the #lgbtq community.

“The past 2 years has been tough on the community with the Covid-19 pandemic, with transphobic and homophobic incidents, with Section 377A – an archaic and unconstitutional law still in the books even though it is not enforced and its many trickle down effects. These pink lights may not strike down unjust laws, but they serve as a reminder for our community to keep hope, that change will come no matter how long it takes, and we will never stop advocating for a more just and equal society for everyone, for the #freedomtolove.”

Some of the businesses are among those who have come onboard as sponsors for the Pink Dot 13 Livestream via Red Dot for Pink Dot, a platform for Singapore companies and business leaders to network and promote inclusion and diversity in Singapore.

The Body Shop Singapore
PS.Cafe, Pink Dot 13 livestream sponsor
Pasir Panjang power station
Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape Pte Ltd
99.co, Pink Dot 13 livestream sponsor
 Crate and Barrel Singapore
SaladStop!, Pink Dot 13 livestream sponsor
SMOL Singapore (Lau Pa Sat)
The Lo & Behold Group, Pink Dot 13 livestream sponsor
 LOEWE Singapore

How to support this year’s Pink Dot:

sign up online at https://loveliveshere.pinkdot.sg from now till 12 June to leave messages of love and support, and form our digital pink dot. 

dress up your homes and businesses with exclusive pink lights and decorations from us. 

show up on June 12 at 8pm for our livestream and join in the celebrations.