What better way to spend the long Good Friday and Easter weekend than to spread some love? This was exactly what our ambassadors Sharon Au, Lim Yu-Beng and Kumar did – touring the various clubs over the weekend to share their support for the freedom to love.

It was a rollickin’ four nights at Play, Taboo, Butter Factory and Avalon for the ambassadors as they mingled with club-goers and shared their reasons for supporting Pink Dot 2012. The clubs were packed with clubbers and supporters who welcomed the news of the new sunset event, culminating in the formation of the first-ever Night Pink Dot.

After the launch of the Pink Dot Ambassadors’ Video 2012, Sharon, Yu-Beng, and Kumar hosted quizzes to give away some cuddly Pink Dot plushies! To all those who snapped up our cute plushies – a big THANK YOU! All proceeds will go towards funding Pink Dot.

The Pink Dot team would like to thank all those who have made this launch weekend a blast and a success. We had fun, and we certainly hope you did too!

Don’t forget to save the date – 30 June 2012, 6pm at Hong Lim Park. See you there with your pink lights!


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